Why is there any special meaning 42 days after giving birth?

In life, we often hear what the mother who needs to check 42 days after giving birth, what subjects need to be hung, what to do if bleeds, and whether to review and other issues.What is this 42 -day, why must it be 42 days, and the confinement should be 42 days without 30 days. Is there any particular attention?

During the period of delivery of pregnant women, it is clinically called "puerperium". This time is the stage of adjusting and rehabilitation such as the mother’s body, reproductive system, endocrine system, and psychological state of the mother.It takes about 4 to 8 weeks according to clinical experience, that is, 42 to 56 days. After the puzzle period, it is likely that pregnant women can return to normal life before pregnancy, so 42 days after delivery means the end of the puerperium.

The puerperium is a standardized medical name, and "confinement" is generally about 30 days, which is 30 days before the puerperium.During this time, the mother focused on rest, ensuring nutrition and hygiene, and ensuring that the body could recover as soon as possible.Everyone’s constitution is different, and the recovery time is different, but generally does not exceed 42 days.If you feel uncomfortable after 42 days, you need to review it in time, and you need to deal with it after clearing the reason.

Childbirth is a huge stress stimulus for pregnant women.Once the fetus gave birth, the hormone in the body could not be recovered immediately, and it could only be adjusted slowly; the state of the uterus could not be directly recovered from the state of the fetus directly into a normal size of the uterus.Also affected by uterine squeezing, there are problems such as rectal and bladder.Based on this, the puzzle period needs to pay great attention to recovery.

1. Good living habits

There will be dew discharged by postpartum vagina, paying attention to the cleanliness of the private parts to avoid infection.Maintain a good and relaxed psychological state to avoid mild postpartum depression.

2. Eating habit

The childbirth consumption is large, and at the same time, the nourishing fetus is raised.Diet needs to ensure nutrition, calories, and moisture, eat more protein content and sufficient levels of food, and appropriately supplement vitamins and iron.

3. Follow the uterine state

Pay attention to the old recovery of the uterus, and massage the uterus to promote the discharge of lochia.

4. Pay attention to postpartum rehabilitation

The childbirth process causes to varying degrees of damage to women’s pot bottom function, causing the pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, which may cause vaginal relaxation, dissatisfaction with sexual life or abdomen swelling, constipation, frequent urination and other discomfort.The Kiger movement can be performed appropriately to promote the rehabilitation of the bottom of the basin.

5. Regular review

Follow the doctor’s instructions regularly, find discomfort during puerperium, please seek medical treatment in time.

Note: This article is a health popular science article. The article involves drugs, technology, and products that only do the need for expression. There are no treatment suggestions. Please go to a regular hospital for professional examination and treatment.

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