Why is there no measurement for pregnancy test sticks?What should I think of early pregnancy test strips?

The pregnancy test stick obviously measured the two bars, and finally found that it was an empty joy. Where did something go wrong?

The pregnancy test stick is the early pregnancy test strip that we say daily. It is a very simple way to detect early pregnancy. The earliest pregnancy can be detected a few days before the next menstruation.But early pregnancy test strips are not accurate of 100 %, and the accuracy rate is about 90 %.

What are the causes of inaccurate pregnancy?

1. Time is too early.Generally speaking, women with menstruation are delayed for 1 week, and the probability of detecting pregnancy is very high, greater than 90 %.Some people are very anxious and often start detection a few days in advance. On the one hand, it is too early. The HCG concentration in the urine is too low, and it is not easy to find out. On the other hand, many people still have the problem of fertilized eggs in bed delay.Therefore, self -testing urine pregnancy tests should be tested at least for at least a few days of menstruation, otherwise the possibility of fluttering is too much.If the test is still negative, the possibility of pregnancy is very small.

2. Irregular menstruation.Women with irregular menstruation cycle are difficult to predict pregnancy time.In this case, it can only be calculated based on the same time. If you are pregnant, early pregnancy can be measured after 14 days in the same room. If you still have no pregnancy after 21 days, you must consider failure.However, if there is still the same room during this period, it is another matter.

3. Quality of pregnancy test paper.Various reasons such as tide and expiration of test strips may lead to failure.

4. Other factors may interfere with the test results.HCG (chorionic gonadotropin) and several other human body are similar in morphology, and may be cross -reaction with test strips.In other words, sometimes the positive results are detected by the test strip, which may not be HCG high, or it may be several other hormones high.For example, LH (lutein formation), FSH (follicle stimulatory), and FSH (thyroid ainine) are composed of both α and beta-β-sub-submalls in terms of structural.The subunit is also very similar, especially LH’s β-sub-submissive, and the β-sub-submall of HCG has only a small difference.Therefore, sometimes early pregnancy testing may also be the cause of the LH peak, especially for people with irregular menstrual cycles.

There is also a possibility that the blood HCG level is too high, and it may also lead to negative test results.For example, it is possible to encounter the peak of pregnancy HCG, or nourishing cell tumors, such as glucose and velvet cancer, and may not be accurate.Of course, this situation is rare.

The early pregnancy test may occur, and there may be three results, positive, negative, and weak.Although it cannot be said that the result is 100 % accurate, we can basically determine that the positive is pregnant, the negative is not pregnant, and the weak positive is not necessarily.

What should I do?

The preferred method is as long as there are no other abnormalities, such as obvious abdominal pain, obvious vaginal bleeding, etc., a word "and so on, wait for three or five days to check again.Many people are impatient, but this is indeed an affordable method.

The method of diagnosis is to go to the hospital to check blood β-HCG. This generally does not check the error.(It is "general", there is an exceptional situation in everything.)

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