Why should I get pregnant from the last menstruation?From one day?Teach you to be a baby to be born

Guide: Why should I get pregnant from the last menstruation?From one day?Teach you to be a baby to be born

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Last month, Xiaojing did not come to "aunt".It was 6 days later than the normal date, and there was no movement.After that, she then checked her pregnancy.The result is very pleasant.The doctor said she had been pregnant for 36 days.

Although Xiaojing was very excited, she was still confused: "Obviously this is the pregnancy that has just been checked. How can I say that it was 36 days old?" Her husband thought that it was wrong.Pregnancy should start from ovulation day!

Xiao Jing immediately refuted his point of view, but I believe "should start with the sex life after ovulation, that is the beginning of a new life!"

Looking at the question marks on the two young people’s faces, the doctors were very happy.Doctors and Xiao Jing said that this was calculated based on the last menstrual period of women, which is different from your ideas.

Xiao Jing read the calendar with his mobile phone, and still disagrees with the doctor’s point of view. Since the disappearance of menstruation, it must not be 36 days. This time, the doctor was completely blind and had to make serious scientific popularity.

In fact, how many days of pregnancy and expected delivery have troubled many pregnant women.They always insist that they are right.However, no matter what they can do, the result may be very different from the doctor’s conclusion.

Many people call the first day of the last menstruation as "the day of menstruation", but it is actually "the day of menstruation."

Because even if you can accurately remember the date of ovulation and the time of sexual intercourse, it is impossible to accurately determine the combination of essence eggs, and the first day of women’s last menstrual period is accurate and can be accurately determined.

Therefore, in medicine, the first day of the women’s last menstrual period will be calculated to calculate the fetal weeks and expected date of pregnancy.

In October, the average menstrual cycle of women was 28 days. Based on this calculation, 10 months of pregnancy and 40 weeks were 280 days pregnant.

The obstetrician and gynecologists have a formula to calculate to the date: Month-3 (or +9), date +7 (reminder: month greater than 3 to -3, less than 3 to +9).

Let’s see an example.For example, a expectant mother last month last month was February 13, and according to this formula, the 2 + 9 months were November, the date of 13 + 7 is 20, the expected delivery date is November 20th.Essence

Everyone must understand that the expected delivery date is "expected date", but this is not absolute.It is normal for babies to be born within two weeks before and after delivery.

① See red.Before childbirth, redness and swelling are obvious signs, and blood discharge discharged from the vagina.If the amount of blood is small, it means that there is still some time before childbirth.Don’t be too nervous, you can take a bath with your family’s care.

If the bleeding is severe and bright red (obviously exceeding menstrual flow), it is best to be sent to the hospital for delivery.

② contraction: Mother will feel the regular contraction of the uterus, the interval will become shorter and shorter, and the pain will gradually increase. This is a precursor to childbirth.

③ Water.When the expected date of delivery is approaching, the pregnant woman will find that she has been flowing when she goes to the toilet.This is the broken amniotic fluid.Some careless pregnant women may "pee".

From the perspective of color, the amniotic fluid is light yellow or transparent, smoother, and the date of date is approaching, so don’t take it seriously.

In order to remind you of your pregnant mother, any of the above three kinds of performance indicates that the fetus is about to be activated.It is safer to bring the package and related documents to the hospital.Don’t wait any more.

Because of this calculation method, many mothers have been in their pregnancy for more than a month when they find that they have been pregnant. Therefore, they should quickly adopt action appointment inspections, adjust their diet and timetable, and become a mobile group for women.One day, you know you have a child.

Although October is long, these days are inseparable from your child.Cherish the days of getting along with your child, and welcome the arrival of newborns with the best mental state and healthy body!

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