Wife is pregnant, will makeup affect the baby’s development?Netizens like these mothers!

First of all, ask you a question about the expectant mothers:

[Do you still make up after pregnancy?.

@: From knowing pregnancy, I started not to make up.

@: Don’t say makeup, skin care products dare not use it.

@lilac: After all, it is chemical products, which cosmetics made.In case it affects, this is really not good.

@: Because I don’t know, there is nothing in it, then everything is eliminated!

Before pregnancy, it is bright and beautiful, and after pregnancy, the face is facing the sky

You see these expectant mothers are bright and beautiful before pregnancy, but after pregnancy, they are all facing the sky. Could it be that a woman must say worship with cosmetics once she is pregnant?

[Pregnant women can still seek beauty]

In the process of pregnancy, you can actually make yourself beautiful, including you can draw some light makeup and perform necessary skin care.

Many women are pregnant now and are still insisting on their jobs.And because of work needs, makeup is still made every day.Xinma feels that pregnant women should still make herself. This kind of mental state and mental appearance will remain very good every day. Otherwise, you will feel that the whole pregnancy process will be very hard and long for ten months.Secondly, you should also pay attention to this lipstick. You may eat it in the lipstick, so when you have lip makeup after pregnancy, (drinking water) generally use a straw.

[So what kind of cosmetics should be selected for pregnant women]

It can be said that it is quite experienced. I used to discuss this problem with the doctor. Then the doctor gave me a lot of suggestions. When choosing cosmetics, we must pay attention. We must choose pure natural skin care products.Drop some substances, for example, we can look at this ingredient table, then there are fragrance like this, which is not good; there are some chemical elements or like some heavy metals, hormones, and then some pigments.of.

Whether cosmetics contain ingredients that are not suitable for pregnant women, some are clearly marked in Chinese, and some are written in English or not written.In fact, the current cosmetics, if it is a more serious brand, is sold in regular stores, it is actually very strict.In order to avoid the difficulties when choosing, experts recommend that it is best to go to large brand counters to buy, because the generally -known brands of the products are less harmful, and they all have special service staff to explain more assured.

In particular, it is necessary to remind you that among all cosmetics, lipstick is the easiest to import and has the greatest impact on pregnant women. Therefore, after applying lipstick, in addition to drinking water and using a straw, pay more attention before meals. Wait for us to eat for a meal.When eating, we can wipe it off and don’t eat it in his stomach, so it is healthier.

Although it is possible to use harmless cosmetics during pregnancy, some behaviors must be avoided!

1. Some ingredients of hair dye, some ingredients of hair dye can cause cell chromosome changes, thereby inducing the fetal deformity.Moms must stay away

2. Perfume, because commercial confidentiality is required, many of the ingredients that get along are hidden. Under the circumstances of unknown ingredients, box water is best not to use.

3. Nail nail polish also has a substance called carbonate. If this substance is absorbed, it is not only harmful to the health of people, but also causes abortion and fetal malformations that are born of pregnant women.

4. Medical beauty, many medical cosmetic products such as whitening, freckle, and acne.It usually contains lead, mercury and hormone components. If the human body is exposed to mercury for a long time, it will cause chronic poisoning and seriously damage the nerve digestion and endocrine system. Pregnant women must be disabled.

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