Wife is pregnant, will you buy something for her?#Emotional resonance

When my wife is pregnant, I have to ask me to buy her cherry and say what trace elements can be supplemented by iron. I ask for dozens of dollars a pound. I don’t know where to see the merchant routine.I eat spinach.I knew how to spend money on what cherry, and I didn’t buy her, so she shook me a look every day.Will you buy it?I do n’t hesitate to buy it.I ca n’t compare your conditions. If you want to buy whatever you want, I ca n’t get used to it. This is not the reason.

When my wife was pregnant at that time, I had almost the same experience as you. At that time, my wife wanted to eat strawberries. I remember it was 45 yuan a pound.At that time, my wife had no income at home. I was facing layoffs at the company. The economic situation in my home was very bad. The strawberry of 45 yuan per catty was like the last straw that crushed the camel, which was pressed on the nerves that I was about to collapse.My wife and I quarreled. I said a lot of hurts. I vented my dissatisfaction and emotions on her. She should be able to understand you. After all, the situation was special at the time.

Yes, she understands me.Soon this incident passed, but even though our economic conditions gradually became better, she had never bought strawberries.This incident has been bought a few times in the past 10 years, but she never eats it, but then I won’t buy it, so as not to be embarrassed.Xunzi’s temper is really stubborn. She is not a temper or blame me. She hates strawberries.

The 45 yuan strawberry in this area left a deep scar between our husband and wife.And I regret it very much. She is too sensible. She blame herself why she should make such a request. She blamed herself with 45 yuan to defeat a man’s dignity.But what’s wrong with her?I hope to give me another chance. Even if I only have 45 yuan, I have to buy it. The sweetness of the bitterness will stay in memory for a long time.Ten years later, what I tell you today is not the bitter story now.

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