Wife was suspected of being pregnant!My husband eats his own fruit!

Husbands and wives need to trust. Are you busy with your husband?Tell you a good news.not busy right now.What good news?You say soon.I might be pregnant, and I haven’t come to a holiday for two months.Wife can’t?The doctor said that I was weak sperm, are you sure you are pregnant?I’m sure I have tried several times.You look at your husband, maybe we are lucky, it is 8 weeks pregnant.Didn’t the doctor say at the time?Weak sperm is not the possibility of pregnancy, but the chance of pregnancy is very small.My husband was particularly happy.Tell all the people at home, the family’s WeChat group suddenly fry the pan.This is really a good news.I want to be aunt.What good news?I don’t see it.

Wife, how long have you been pregnant just now?8 weeks?By calculation, did my son go to Shanghai for a business trip at the time period of 8 weeks of pregnancy?Have you been married for several years?You have never been pregnant.Why did my son get pregnant at once?Mom, I don’t understand what you are talking about, you pretend to be confused, what do you do, don’t you know in your heart?You honestly say who the child in your belly is.Mom, you are right, I am a kind of insult.For so many years, what kind of person am I?Didn’t you count in your heart?

My daughter -in -law, I have read it wrong, I have always trusted you so much.It turns out that you are sorry for my brother, and do this kind of thing with my brother, with tears with tears and explaining for yourself.Don’t explain it, I don’t believe your ghost.Mom, do you know?We have been married for several years, and now we have finally had children.Do you know how happy I am?Why do you doubt such a happy thing?Why insult me?You are really too much.You say my mother bullys you to insult you, I think you are too much.I’m so good to you, why do you do this?You explain to me why you were pregnant during the time when I was on a business trip. You are my husband, don’t you believe me?Don’t remember?A few days ago, we returned to our son. Don’t listen to him nonsense. Mom is not right after this time. This child must not be yours.Mom, you are also a woman, do you know when you are pregnant?Enough, you shut me up.I don’t want to hear your explanation. I have long seen you are not pleasing to the eye. I didn’t expect you to be such a person.Mom, don’t bully people like this, where do I usually offend you.

Husband, you see if your mother is a bit too much. You say that my mother is too much, and I think you are too much.My mother said yes.We have known each other for 7 years and have been married for 5 years. Do you have no trust in me?Don’t know, don’t you know me yet?I finally pregnant with your child, why do you bullish me with your mother?Insulting me, I am weak.For so many years, what I worry about most happened. I know that I have no fertility, and I am afraid and worried.You tell me that we are lucky, is there such a coincidence?How do you let me believe it?Son, you are right, he is a woman who is not guarding the woman.Doing something to be sorry for you is still serious, lies in a row.People like you are not worthy of entering our house, holding a fallacy to the truth.What do you say? I bullies you and I insult you, you are really shameless.Mom, don’t you scold people?What happened to I scolding you?A woman like you should have long been out of the house.Brother and daughter -in -law, don’t explain it anymore, it is not that we don’t believe you, my brother’s body.We all know, how do you let us believe it?I heard that science is very developed now, and a 5 -month fetus can also be performed by parent -child identification. I see that my daughter -in -law is a parent -child identification.So everyone is assured.Can.Since you don’t believe what I say, I have returned to my mother’s house since today.When it is 5 months old, I will do parent -child identification. At that time, we use parent -child identification to speak, and the identification will be identified.Do I think you dare?I want to see who this child is from?Husband, are you, right?Don’t ask my son anymore.My opinion is my son’s opinion.Okay, then I will pack things now and go to my mother’s house.We will identify after 3 months.If the child is not my son, I will let you divorce. The woman who does not keep the woman is definitely not allowed to enter our house. At that time, I will let you go out to the house.Don’t say it, so wait for the parent -child identification, and let’s talk about it?Go back to my wife’s house at my wife.The heart of the daughter -in -law was also hurt.Three months later, my wife was wrong that day, and my mood was too excited. Don’t go to your heart.I asked the doctor that day, although I was weak, but it was not the possibility of no fertility.Do you mean that I don’t need to do parent -child identification.I don’t mean that, I thought you believed me, and I still didn’t trust me.Well, let’s talk about the results of the identification.You say that these are useless, do you dare not do it?

I’m on the way to the hospital now, what’s terrible?Mom, I will call you the last time.Mom, but do or not, I still hope your son will answer.

You now tell him that parent -child identification must be done, and divorce if you don’t do it.Wife, you can do it if you all come.You make them rest assured, I think it is mainly to rest assured.You can do it. You have to consider it clearly that the risk of abortion for parent -child appraisal is determined to let me be a parent -child identification?I don’t think the problem. Since the hospital can explain it, I understand what you mean.Let’s go.

In the process of waiting for the results of the appraisal, his wife was confident, not anxious, but her husband was anxious. He hoped that the identification results would come out early, but he was afraid of the identification results. The child was not his own.It’s not out.I have already sent it to you, and you should receive it immediately.My wife, I am very anxious, you quickly tell me the identification results, you should see it yourself.Half an hour later, my husband received the results of the identification. My wife received it. The child was really mine. You suffered. Thank you for being so happy.I want to have such a day when I dream, and my mother is happy now. He said that he must be good for you and your children in the future.

Wife, you are the benefactor of our family, the hero of our family, and I thank you on behalf of our family.I will pick you up now, live a good life, I will serve you well.Waiting for our children to be born, don’t worry first. I also sent you a list of surgery payment. Did you not see any surgery and artificial abortion surgery.What’s wrong with my wife?Are you angry with me?I tell you that the child is mine, you can’t move my child, so you can’t get you anymore. You said, don’t you say that the child is gone, why are you so vicious?Children are our biological and bloody life. How can it be gone?What are the use of these?I told you at the beginning that the child is yours. The family must not believe me, and I have to do a parent -child identification.Your mother is here. Is she not about pregnancy. Calculating the date of pregnancy and the real pregnancy date must be errors.As a woman who has given birth to a child, this is the basic common sense. Why do you want to force each other?Bully me and insult me.I have also told you and your family that there is a risk of abortion as a parent -child appraisal, but you do n’t listen, you have to do it.I made amniotic fluid identification that day, and I saw it red at night. The doctor said that my physical condition was not good. The child could not keep it. I could only induce labor. Who caused it all?Who forced me to miss my child?How can Cangtian be like this?My child, my wife, I really don’t want to be sorry, you must forgive me.You say anything late now, everything is caused by you and your family.My wife is sorry to let you be wronged, don’t say, my heart is already hurt, I don’t want to see you anymore, let’s divorce.Wife, I can’t have you, don’t divorce me, I will cooperate in the future.The doctor treats it well. We must have children. This is not a child’s problem. Don’t you understand?There was a problem with your body before, and I never disliked it.I think that as long as the relationship between the two of us is good, I will be content, but you really disappoint me.My wife I know I was wrong. If it wasn’t for this pregnancy, I couldn’t see your essence. How do you treat me, I don’t care at all.What I care about is your attitude, but you stand on the side of your mother to insult me.Do you know how I felt at the time?My heart is hurt now.Wife, I am 35 years old this year.I want a happy, happy home, girlfriends and girlfriends look back and invite you to sign the words. We are together.The most afraid of marriage is betrayal, and betrayal often starts with insufficient trust.Once the trust appears, the distance between each other will only get farther and farther.No matter how hard you work in the future, the crack cannot be sutured.

Friends, can my wife forgive them in the face of such a husband and family who do not trust themselves?Welcome to talk about the comment area.

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