Will "October Want" increase the disease of hepatitis B?

The descendants of fertility are the traditional culture of our country. Many young men and women are often urged by their parents after they get married. Fertility is a major event in life. It is more important for female friends of hepatitis B.Many chronic hepatitis B infections lack knowledge about fertility, but have various concerns for eagerness to fertility.

Hepatitis B virus does not cause malformations in the fetus, and will not cause abortion, premature birth and dystocia.Maternal and infants can be transmitted vertically in the palace and during childbirth, but as long as sufficient measures are taken, it can be prevented.

1. Newborns for HBSAG -positive mothers should be as early as 24 h after birth (preferably 12 h after birth) HBIG, the dose should be ≥100 IU, and 10 μg reorganized yeast hepatitis B vaccine in different parts should be vaccinated.In 1 month and 6 months, vaccination of hepatitis B vaccines in the second and third pins, respectively, can significantly improve the effect of blocking mother and baby transmission.

2. The 6th side IU/ml with a load of HBV DNA in the middle and late pregnancy of the HBV DNA is greater than 2*10. In the case of fully communicating and weighing the advantages and disadvantages, you can start to give pregnancy B drugs or Ramov ding from the 28th weeks of pregnancy. It is recommendedDiscontinued the medicine 1-3 months after giving birth, and it can be breastfeed after stopping the drug.

The descendants born of a mother born with hepatitis B virus infection were 87.8%of the blocking of hepatitis B vaccine from the maternal and baby transmission.If hepatitis B immunoglobulin is used at the same time, the current recommended active+passive joint immune method is adopted, and the blocking rate of maternal and infant transmission can be significantly improved, reaching more than 95%.

If you are a chronic carrier, although there are many hepatitis B virus in the liver, the liver is still healthy, you can bear the birth of October, like any childcare women.Unfortunately, 25%of the chronic carrier population will have hepatitis at a certain moment, but pregnancy is not a induced factor for hepatitis.There will always be a few people who may happen to occur during pregnancy, so you need to check the liver function every 1-2 months. In case of unfortunately, you can take protection measures in time.

If you are a patient with hepatitis of the junior, because pregnancy is a gradually changing physiological process, you can also afford it, and generally will not aggravate the condition.If you meet the anti -virus conditions, you can treat antiviral treatment first. You can communicate with the attending doctors and try to use interferon for 1 year. Effective people will reach virus to yin, the big three yang to the small Sanyang, the liver function is normal, and the liver function is normal.At this time, you can consider discontinued, and then consider pregnancy for half a year after stopping the drug.If you are treated with nucleotide drugs, because most of the nucleotide drugs need long -term medication, it is not recommended to stop the medicine halfway, you can wait until the liver function is normal, and switch to the pregnancy safety level B drug, such as tadivin Ding Ding DingOr for the treatment of Norofovir ester, it can be born during the period.

If you are a patient with hepatitis of hepatitis, this hepatitis is caused by mutant virus. The recurrence rate after interferon treatment is high, it is best to use nucleotide drugs to treat it, and then consider pregnancy until the liver function is returning to normal.

If you are a patient with cirrhosis, you need to communicate closely with the attending doctor and prepare for pregnancy under the guidance of the doctor.During the stage of liver cirrhosis, liver function damage is serious, and there are many problems. It is not recommended to prepare for pregnancy.

After pregnancy, there are many physiological changes. As the fetus grows, it has gradually increased. For example, the uterus gradually increases, the amount of blood volume is significantly increased, the heart burden increases, and the heartbeat is accelerated.

The liver is an organ of metabolism. The development of the fetus will increase the needs of material metabolism. Of course, the burden on the liver will increase, but the pregnant woman can gradually adapt to the increasing burden. Generally, it will not have obvious abnormalities for liver function tests, but check data and pre -pregnancy before pregnancy and pre -pregnancyThere are also differences.Grassylla and gthinosinase should be normal during normal pregnancy. If transaminase is elevated, it also means liver injury is also expressed as when not pregnant.

Because the blood diluted examination will indicate mild anemia; the same reason, plasma protein will also be slightly reduced; bilirubin will also be low at the end of pregnancy; alkaline phosphataseIt has gradually increased since pregnancy, reaching peaks during childbirth, but rarely exceeds 4 times the normal upper limit. It usually returns to normal after delivery at 2-8 weeks. Most of them are normal during pregnancy.It may be lower.

In addition, the fetal protein produced by the fetus can slightly increase the level of nail protein of pregnant women, and the twin tires will show a higher level.During pregnancy, liver cholesterol synthesis and cholesterol are excreted by bile excretion, serum cholesterol will increase, and triglycerides will also increase.Two -third of pregnant women will have a slight liver palm and small spider mole due to the increase in estrogen levels, but they will disappear after childbirth.

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