Will eating crabs be aborted?Crab: I don’t carry this pot!But also pay attention to these two details

Since ancient times, there have been some fantasy things in oriental culture, which has always made Westerners unpredictable.

The shell monster with the two -footed football, I do n’t know how many earthen animals have been stirred up, and it ’s not enough to comfort the heart.

Obviously it is technical work. The method of eating is complex and time -consuming. Sometimes it is necessary to borrow tools, and when it is fast, it is inevitable that the ten fingers are sticky.

This is enough to make many foreign friends understand: What magic does crab have to make the Chinese be so persistent?

How much nutritional value is crab?

According to the food composition table data, crabs are indeed a high-protein food, and 100 grams of crab meat contains 15 % -18 % protein.

Although there are no 20%high of chicken and beef, the fat content of others is particularly low. According to the dry weight, the protein content of others can reach 70%to 90%, far more than other foods.

In addition to protein, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, iodine and other minerals in crab meat are also very rich. For example, the calcium content in river crabs far exceeds the level of milk, and some varieties can even reach 200 mg/100g or moreEssence

Of course, people’s cholesterol is not low. The cholesterol in crab meat is higher than that of meat, close to the level of viscera in animals such as liver, and the cholesterol content of crab yellow is much higher than that of crab meat.

However, it is worth mentioning that people are very worried about the cholesterol of egg yolks in the eggs, but they rarely worry about when eating crab.After all, the delicious crab yellow is really the essence.

Will pregnant women eat crabs?

Although crabs are delicious, some pregnant women are always worried that crab eating will have a miscarriage, but they dare not touch the delicious crabs.

However, there are two parts that can be eaten in crabs — crab meat and crab yellow. Both are rich in protein, fat, and minerals.It will not cause abortion.

If the crab can really cause abortion, what else is needed?Just a crab is not enough!

What should pregnant women pay attention to eating crabs?

Although pregnant women can eat crabs, they are not letting their own way of eating. They also need to pay attention to these 2 points:

1. Try not to eat as much as possible in the early pregnancy

Crab is a cold food, which has the effect of turning stasis and promoting blood circulation.In the early days of pregnant women, the embryo was not completely attached. At this time, if you eat some crabs, it will cause abnormal contraction in the uterus and easily affect the fetus.

In addition, compared with crab yellow and crab paste, crab meat is more recommended. After all, the fat content such as crab yellow and crab paste is too high, and eating too much will inevitably cause indigestion.

Second, easy -to -allergic pregnant women cannot eat

Crab contains a lot of protein ingredients, which is an ingredient of allergies.

If the physique of pregnant women belongs to allergies or allergies, eating crabs can easily lead to allergies, such as allergic dermatitis and allergic asthma. In severe cases, it will even cause pregnant women to cause dyspnea due to allergies, which will directly harm the harm.To pregnant women and fetuses health.

Therefore, pregnant women who are allergic to crabs and allergic constitution should not eat crabs.

The crabs are tender and nutritious. During pregnancy, if pregnant women have a pregnancy vomiting and loss of appetite, they can eat a little crab in the middle of pregnancy, which can stop pregnancy and improve appetite.

However, it is worth noting that there are some parasites in raw crabs, such as contaminated by Toxoplasma or Lisite bacteria. If pregnant women eat crabs without steaming, the health of pregnant women and fetuses will be seriously harmful.

Especially infection of Liji, this food -based infection can affect the health of the fetus.

Therefore, in principle, we suggest that it is completely cooked. Generally, the heating temperature is not less than 85 ° C.

For food such as drunk crabs, let’s go!

How many crabs are suitable for that day?

About two or two crabs are about two about two a day. After all, no food can be eager to eat.

Of course, if you have a mine at home, then I didn’t say it.

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