Will eating too much noodles cause cancer?WHO: These 4 kinds of foods that are truly carcinogens are far away!

For this group of post -90s 00s, there is a big difference between the concept of life and the generation of parents. For example, in terms of diet, friends of the post -90s and post -00s basically have eaten instant noodles.But these foods are junk food in the eyes of parents, and parents think that eating these foods often causes cancer.

"Instant noodles must have added a lot of additives to be so delicious"

"Eat more instant noodles is easy to cause cancer"

"Eat a pack of instant noodles, the liver needs detoxification for 32 days to clean"


Can you eat instant noodles?Is it harmful to the body after eating?Let me tell you clearly today.


Will eating too much noodles cause cancer?

Eating instant noodles every day usually does not cause cancer.

Instant noodles generally refer to instant noodles. The substances that are prone to carcinogens in instant noodles are acrylamide, but there are relatively small components containing acrylamide, far lower than the safe range of the human body, so generally do not need to worry too much.

Moreover, when acrylamide enters the human body, it will be discharged from the body with the metabolism of the human body. It will not accumulate in the body, and generally will not directly cause cancer.However, the instant noodles contain less dietary fiber, and the insufficient intake of dietary fiber in the human body will increase the probability of cancer.

Instant noodles are fast food foods. Although they are convenient to eat, they lack nutrition and cannot meet the needs of normal metabolism in the aircraft.If children often eat instant noodles, it is easy to cause malnutrition, and there will be slow growth in severe cases.

In addition, the instant noodles also contain a large amount of salt and oil, which can easily lead to the appearance of obesity.Long -term consumption can also lead to an increase in blood pressure in the human body and the burden on the kidneys, and it is easy to produce oxide, which will cause certain damage to the system of human enzymes.


WHO: These 4 kinds of foods that are truly carcinogens are far away!

1. Alcohol drink

Alcohol itself is not carcinogenic, but the metabolic products of alcohol will lead to genetic mutations, because acetaldehyde will be combined with DNA, which will cause DNA mutations and further lead to chromosomal mutation, thereby increasing the probability of liver cancer, esophageal cancer, and oral cancer.Essence

Canada had done a study that found that many cancers have something to do with alcoholic drinks. Long -term drinking can cause organs to damage cancer.

2. betel nut fruit

Betel nuts are inseparable from oral cancer.A joint survey of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention occurred. Of the 45 patients with oral cancer, 44 people had a long history of chewing betel nut.

The betelite in betel nut can promote collagen fiber deposition. Long -term consumption can produce oral mucosal fiber lesions, and the betel nut is harder. It is easy to cause trauma to the oral mucosa.

3. Mold food

There may be oleotoxin in moldy foods, and gemburn toxin is listed as type 1 carcinogen as early as 1993. It is extremely toxic, 10 times that of potassium chloride, 68 times that of frost, and the carcinogenic ability is two.70 times the methyl nitrosamine.The destructiveness of linsexin to the liver is very destructive, and intake of machosolicoxin will increase the risk of liver cancer.

When storing foods such as beans and cereals, choose a cool and dry place. Once the mold is found, it cannot be eaten.Grain and oil products need to purchase regular manufacturers. If you eat the taste of taste, you must spit out and rinse your mouth.

4. Machined meat

The processing meat that we will contact in our lives is generally a meat product made of salt, smoke, air -drying, exposure, or add preservatives. This processing method is the key to their carcinogenic.

For example, the bacon will add a large amount of salt for marinating, then produce sodium nitrite, and then bind to the protein in the meat into nitrosamines that can induce cancer.


To prevent cancer, doctors recommend eating more 5 things

1. Spinach

Spinach can be described as "golden vegetables" in green leafy vegetables, because spinach is rich in oily nutrients, including lutein, vitamin E, and other antioxidants. Eating more spinach can effectively prevent liver cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate prostate, prostateThe emergence of cancer.

2. broccoli

Zealand contains a large number of "miracles" -selenium, which was selected as one of the top ten healthy foods by Time Magazine.Selenium has anti -cancer, anti -aging, and enhanced immunity.At the same time, it contains a large amount of radish sulfillin, which can curb the occurrence of a variety of malignant tumors.

3. Tomato

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and tomatoes, which can effectively remove free radicals and play a role in anti -cancer and anti -cancer.Eat tomatoes frequently can reduce the risk of lung cancer, gastric cancer, bladder cancer, uterine cancer, skin cancer, and prostate cancer.

4. Asparagus

Asparagus is the highest nutritional value in vegetables and is known as the "king of vegetables".Asparagus is rich in folic acid and nucleic acid, which is related to the function of cells.Therefore, asparagus has anti -cancer characteristics.Asparagus can normalize cells, prevent cancer cells, and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

5. Sweet potato

Studies have found that sweet potato contains anticancer substances that inhibit cancer cell growth, called sugar fat; there is also an active substance in sweet potato called deoxyglone, which can inhibit and kill cancer cells, and can make the weakened immune system.Restart up to prevent breast cancer and colon cancer.

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