Will eczema during pregnancy affect the fetus?

The clinic of eczema during pregnancy is called pregnancy -oriented eczema. It is a benign itchy skin disease that occurs during pregnancy. It often occurs and early and in the middle of pregnancy.The most common skin disease.

This is mainly related to the changes in endocrine in the body during pregnancy. During pregnancy, pregnant women have been suppressed by immunity, and due to pregnancy, endocrine in the body also has a great change, resulting in increased skin sensitivity to pregnant women.Stimulation, such as pollen, fish and shrimp, dust mites, cosmetics, animal fur, etc., can cause skin allergic reactions and form eczema.

With eczema, the primary is moisturizing itching. You can choose a moisturizing cream containing rice bran oil, urea, or ammonium ammonium. It has a good itching effect, or it can also use mint alcohol, camphor and other antipruritic agents. Pregnant women alsoIt is safer to use.

The second is local medication, which can be selected according to the shape and characteristics of the skin lesions.When there is no obvious exudation in the acute stage, you can choose a stove -Ganshi washing agent.

Topical hormones are common medicines for skin diseases. However, due to the use of corticosteroids during pregnancy to treat skin diseases, there is risk of premature fetal birth, growth vertical lines, cleft lip and palate, so whether external hormones are controversial.It is generally recommended that patients with severe condition can use weak -effect glucocorticoids, such as creamy creamy creamy cream.

When the condition is more serious, the acute phase can also be taken orally with vitamin B and vitamin C. Severe cases can be large -dose of 10 ml of calcium glucose and large doses of vitamin C.

In addition, pregnant women’s eczema can also be used to use some Chinese medicine or external use of Chinese medicine.

In addition to the treatment of drugs, pregnant women should also adjust their heartbeat or have psychological intervention. If there are bad emotions such as anxiety and irritability, the symptoms of eczema can be increased.

1. The spirit of pregnancy is too anxious and tense.

2. Pregnant women with chronic infection such as chronic cholecystitis and tonsillitis.

3. The incidence of vulva and eczema during pregnancy and uterine compression are the relationship between vagina, anus, rectum, and lower limbs.

4. Prevention of the history of eczema, urticaria, and allergies, can also easily develop eczema during pregnancy.

Generally, eczema during pregnancy is good, and most of the fetus is not affected, but there are also individual cases in clinical cases that are related to the abnormal disease of the fetus and the fetus, but the specific correlation is not in -depth.There are elevations.

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