Will ovarian cysts affect conception?For safety reasons, I have something to say!

Yesterday, a nurse at our hospital found me. She was checked on the left attachment to check a 4 cm ovarian cyst. Want to know if it would affect pregnancy in this case. Do you need intervention?

Today I will talk to you about this topic in detail. Here we will give you a reassinual pill. No matter what the situation, we have a way to interfere and treat, which will not affect the final conception.

First of all, ovarian cysts are divided into physiological and pathological, and pathological is the category of cystic enlightenment. The swollen L is divided into benign and E sex.

Many women’s follicles will form cysts when they grow up, called filter bubble cysts, but physiological cysts are about 2-3 cm, and most of them will not exceed 5 cm. In this case, it can be 5 cm.-6 days to do a review, if the cyst does not disappear or significantly becomes smaller, it is necessary to treat traditional Chinese medicine.

In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, most of the cysts are caused by long -term qi and blood stasis. It is the product of phlegm and qi and blood. The most obvious thing in this type of group is love to lose temper, especially with sullen qi.Lost, the garbage in the body cannot be metabolized normally, and condenses into the cell palace to form a cyst.

Based on the patient’s symptoms, the treatment is analyzed by analyzing blood circulation and removing blood stasis or clearing heat and dampness. The effect is not bad. I can also dispel the largest seven or eight cm.

However, there are also three or four cm difficulty to dispel it, and it is still continuing to develop. It may be the cystic swelling of the ovaries. At this time, it must be observed closely, whether there is a significant increase, or the growth rate of the growth rate.If you are too fast, check the swollen L tags. If there are abnormalities, it should be stripped as soon as possible.

For friends who are preparing for pregnancy, because of safety considerations, I usually recommend that I have a physique first, because there is a situation that has sufficient hormone levels after pregnancy, the cyst grows rapidly, and eventually affects the safety of the baby.

Let me tell you a tea drink: Huatu tea, tea, tea,

Suitable for patients with blood stasis types, the specific symptoms are: menstrual pain accompanied by lower abdomen tingling sensation, more blood clots, menstrual hemorrhage.

Composition: Motherwort 8 grams, 9 grams of Danshen, 9 grams of hawthorn, washed, rushed into boiling water for 1000ml, simmer for 20 minutes, or cook with low heat for 10 minutes. Add a little rock sugar and season to drink.

If you have questions in ovarian cysts, you can communicate with me. As a doctor, you will analyze it as much as possible after seeing it.

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