Will pregnant women have an impact on the fetus?A few tricks to get your worries

Will pregnant women have an impact on the fetus?A few tricks to get your worries

The 33 -year -old Wenwen is pregnant as a mother, and she is nervous and happy.

It has been more than three months in the past three months, and it has been itchy in the skin. These days, she found that she had a lot of pimples, itching worsened, and she couldn’t sleep well at night.

She immediately went to the dermatology department of Beijing Friendship Hospital with her husband’s companionship. Director Gao’s number was hung. Director Gao diagnosed eczema and recommended medication.Affected the fetus, the doctor repeatedly persuaded, and did not agree.

However, after many external glyphosate washing agents, it only temporarily relieved itching, and the rash was still increasing.Wenwen is uncomfortable, can’t sleep well, can’t eat well, work in the daytime without spirit, anxious to get angry, very worried that it will affect the development of the fetus.During this time, I was very distressed. I wanted to know how I had eczema?Will it affect the child?Is there a good treatment?

What is pregnant woman eczema?

Pregnant women’s eczema is also known as the appropriate rash of pregnancy. It is a benign itchy skin disease that occurs during pregnancy. It is manifested by severe itching with eczema -like skin lesions or pimples.Commonly used in pregnancy -specific skin diseases.

Why do pregnant women have eczema?

The changes in endocrine and metabolism in pregnant women are the main internal factors of eczema: during pregnancy, due to immunity and changes in endocrine, skin sensitivity has increased.At the same time, under the stimulation of external factors (such as fish, shrimp, paint, pollen, dust mites, animal fur, cosmetics, synthetic fiber, etc.), it interacts with the skin allergic reaction.

How can I apply the medicine when I have eczema?

Moisturizing and itching can choose a better antipruritic effect containing rice bran oil, 3-10뺉or lactate.1-2%mint, 10%camphor, or poly-polycalol and other antipruritic agents are also safer to pregnant women.

Local topical drugs are mainly selected according to the morphological characteristics of skin lesions: Drugs and dosage forms: There is no obvious seepage or leakage in the acute stage or use a custard washing agent; those who exude more can be wet with boric acid.

Topic glucocorticoids (referred to as external hormones) are one of the topic medicines that are generally used in dermatology diseases.Because pregnant women use corticosteroids to treat skin diseases, the risks such as fetal tattoos, cleft lip and palate, fetal growth, premature birth, fetal adrenal impairment, and other risks are controversial.It is generally believed that patients with more severe patients can use weak -effect sugar corticosterocarbon, such as creamy creamy cream and Dannende cream citron lesions.Narrow -spectrum UVB can also effectively improve the condition.

If the disease is heavier, oral drugs are required: ① acute phase supplemented by vitamin C, vitamin B, and other oral administration. If you are combined with infection, you can use antibiotics.② Oral antihistamine drugs should be selected according to pregnancy: anti -histamine drugs have a sedative effect, widely used globally in the treatment of pregnancy and vomiting.Malay acid chlorophenamin), phenyllaming, miminum pseudo -hemp, oltyic acid chloromomotin tablet, etc.;, Sitrisine, etc.Antidamine drugs may aggravate pregnancy reactions, which causes side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, headache, and nausea in pregnant women.③ Severe cases can be treated with calcium glucose 10ml and large -dose vitamin C 5G treatment; ④ Sometimes hormone therapy may be used. Dominoson is considered a better choice, such as Podnoneon or strong pine 20-30 mg /d.If the whole body is used for corticosteroids for less than 4 weeks, it is very likely that the growth and development of fetal growth and development will be very low, but long -term use may lead to limited and premature birth of the fetus.

Traditional Chinese medicine methods are orally Chinese medicine and soup medicine. Topical Chinese medicine soup smoked is also a choice.

In addition to drug treatment, psychological intervention is also very important. Patients with eczema during pregnancy, on the one hand, are unbearable due to eczema, and the main thing is that they are worried about the inheritance of the fetus to allergies.Bad emotions such as uneasiness and fear, these negative psychological factors can increase eczema and exacerbate itching.

At the same time, our national traditional diet therapy-food help sleep therapy, such as Xiaomi porridge, can sleep on dinner or before bedtime; fruit kiwi has the effect of soothing central nervousness, you can choose to eat before bedtime, and so on.

Which pregnant women are susceptible to eczema

1. In the past, pregnant women such as eczema, urticaria, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic asthma, and other skin diseases such as eczema during pregnancy are easy to occur.In addition, the baby is often inherited in this constitution, and allergic diseases such as infant eczema and asthma occur.

2. Chronic cholecystitis, tonsillitis, intestinal parasites have chronic infection lesions, etc.

3. During the pregnancy, due to uterine compression, some pregnant women have shallow veins in the genitals, vaginal mucosa, anus, rectum, and lower limbs, and blood stasis, forming veins, which is closely related to the incidence of vulva eczema.

4. The influence of neuropathy during pregnancy, such as excessive anxiety and worry, can also become the fuse of eczema.

What impact of eczema in pregnant women on the fetus

· Light symptoms can be healed without medicine.

· For those heavier, the internal treatment of Chinese medicine can be used for syndrome differentiation.

· For more severe cases should be treated with Chinese and Western medicines.

· General prognosis is generally good, but there are also individual reports in clinical reports that there have been dead tires and abnormal fetal abnormalities related to the disease, but the specific correlations have not been discussed in depth.

· Even if severe patients, the prognosis of pregnant women is very good.

· Usually response to the treatment quickly, and repeated pregnancy.Most of the pregnancy can be clearly relieved.

· The fetus is not affected, but maybe the incidence of priority dermatitis has increased since then.

What are the taboos of expectant mothers during pregnancy

· Actively treat the original allergies and chronic infectious diseases before pregnancy.

· Pregnant mothers should try to avoid their possible inductive factors and various external stimulus factors.Avoid contact with sensitive substances such as fur products.

· Eat vegetables and fruits need to be strengthened during pregnancy.

· Avoid spicy, hot, fishy, fatty, cold foods, tobacco and alcohol.

· If you are onset, you should pay special attention to diet.

· Labor and Yi combination

· Keep your mood comfortable and happy.

· Maintain qi and blood reconciliation

· Exclude the effects of endocrine changes.

· Test liver and kidney function, blood glucose, uric acid, glycal acid, etc.

· Timely adjust the abnormal indicators.

· Avoid colds.

· Wear loose, breathable, comfortable clothing.

· Pay attention to personal hygiene and take a bath regularly.

· Makes sleep.

· Avoid severe scratching the skin to avoid rash and secondary infections.To divert your attention, you can use cold mineral water or physiological saline wet, and gently pat the skin.

· The temperature of the bath water should not be too high, reducing the use of soap, alkaline shower gel to avoid irritating the skin.

· Adhere to topical moisturizing cream or moisturizing milk.

Pregnancy is an important stage of life. We are mature, developing, responsible, and responsible, and can be parents.All departments in the hospital are only obstetrics in the family who are happy to live in and are happy to be discharged from the hospital. We should make pregnancy without pain. Please share with you who are pregnant or who are about to get pregnant with your family.thing.

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