Will the chest pain in the chest inexplicable? Will it be breast cancer?Regarding the truth about breast pain, you should know these things

Breast cancer is a disease with a higher incidence in life in recent years. Once this disease occurs, it is very serious to bring harm to female friends. If it is not treated well, it will also threaten the patient’s life.Therefore, once female friends have chest pain, they will worry about suffering from cancer, so will inexplicable chest pain will be breast cancer? Regarding the truth of breast pain, you should know these things.

Here is a thing that makes everyone rest assured that breast pain is rarely related to breast cancer.

Breast pain does not mean breast cancer, and people with breast cancer rarely show breast pain. At least breast pain is rarely the only symptom of breast cancer.The four major symptoms of breast cancer are still touched by breasts, touches of hard blocks under the armpit, abnormal secretions in the nipples, and changes in the skin.However, because breast pain really happens too often, more than half to patients with breast surgery, and patients who require breasts CT are because of breast pain.So we continue to look at it, what are the causes of breast pain?

To judge breast pain, doctors usually ask patients first: What do you think of your breast pain and menstrual cycle?

Because we will roughly divide breast pain into two types, one is periodic breast pain, and the other is non -periodic breast pain.

Breast pain related to the menstrual cycle starts from 3 or 4 days before menstruation, but some people have a period of ovulation 2 weeks before menstruation.When it is painful, the breasts will not hurt.

This kind of pain is often described as a sense of stuffyness. Some people are not serious, and occasionally do not care, but some girls may not be able to wear underwear, or they accidentally bumped in children, orWhen her boyfriend touched the breast, he felt painless.

The cause of breast pain related to the menstrual cycle is the change of hormones in the body.

This is related to the balance between luteum and estrogen and estrogen in the body. Sometimes it also involves the concentration of prolactin hormones. If menopause or during pregnancy, there will be no such breast pain.It is easy to occur at female friends in the age of 20 to 30, or when they are close to menopause.

Although we all say that hormones are running in the blood, the impact on both sides should be similar, but this type of breast pain may only occur on the unilateral side.A bit of painful pain.Some people have a lot of pressure on their studies and work recently, which will also affect hormonal fluctuations and make breast pain more obvious.

As for breast pain that has nothing to do with the menstrual cycle, we call non -periodic breast pain, which may occur at any time.It is now that women’s sports atmosphere has increased. After re -training, there are many cases of breast pain and sprains that make patients feel like breast pain. There are also patients who have more and more pain after running half a horse or the full marathon.Not only the tight muscle brought by exercise will cause patients to show breast pain. Women with large breasts alone may cause too much burden on the shoulders, necks, and backs due to their breast weight, which will cause pain in the thoracic.It is breast discomfort.Unemployment or weight loss leads to too tight underwear is also a common cause of breast pain.

I believe that through the introduction of the content of the article, it should be learned that if the relationship between the breast and the cancer is not very large, the symptoms of breast cancer are that the breasts and armpits have hard lumps, and the breasts will be excreted.Understanding the cause of breast pain can be done well and targeted treatment.

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