Will the endometrium polyps affect pregnancy?How to treat the best?Women during pregnancy have to see

Checking the endometrium polyps of the uterine, which makes many women worry about it. They are worried that they are not easy to get pregnant, and they are afraid that cancer will cause damage to the body.So will the endometrium polyps affect pregnancy, and will it be cancer? Will it cause harm to our body? Now let’s take a look at it together.

Endometrius polyps

The endometrium polyps are limited hyperplasia of the endometrium base layer. It is protruding to the uterine cavity, which will cause irregular vaginal bleeding, a small amount of vaginal bleeding before or after menstruation, increased menstruation during menstruation, and extension of menstruation.The disease is a high incidence of women in childbearing age, especially after menopause women with the highest incidence, and the peak peak age is 50 years old.At present, the pathogenesis of the disease is unclear, but it is considered that the level of estrogen is too high due to endocrine disorders.

Endometrius polyps are infertile and infertility

The endometrium polyps can be single or multiple. Most of them are smaller, with a diameter of only 1-2 mm. Those with large volume may be full of the entire uterine cavity.Pochus meat may have bleeding, necrosis, infection and other conditions, and may lead to deformation of the uterine cavity. Coupled with hormone level disorders, the endometrium is slow in the menstrual period, and the menstrual flow is large and long.Moreover, the polyps of the palace horn can affect the combination of essence eggs, and the bottom of the palace and the polyps of the palace will prevent the fertilized eggs in bed.

Will the endometrium polyps be cancer?

The endometrium polyps are high in obesity, late menopause, cervical polyps, long -term use of hormone replacement therapy, or less producers. It will not only cause menstrual disorders and infertility, but also have a certain probability of cancer. Of course, the cancerous probability is very small.Patients are usually treated with endometrial removal, oral progesterone treatment, and uterine cutting.

Hysteroscopic surgery picked polyps

For women with fertility, the treatment of polyps can be used by surgery, which can eliminate symptoms and reduce the probability of recurrence.In the past, curettage was generally performed, but this method has certain disadvantages and limitations, so most of the hysteroscope surgery is used.

Hysteroscopic removal, accurate positioning, convenient and fast, good effect, and it is not easy to occur in uterine perforation, major bleeding, complications and other phenomena.And with the improvement of medical technology, patients have little pain, recovered well after surgery, and will not damage the endometrium. After removing polyps, most patients can get pregnant smoothly.Do you know?

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