Will the husband and wife divorce, you can see when your wife is pregnant, please don’t believe it

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Marriage is like a relay race. One person’s efforts can not support the entire family. Only when husbands and wives will do their best to get the final happiness.

In the journey of life, love is always natural and beautiful.The vows once made men and women full of confidence in the future, but accidentally found out that the other party had already changed its direction.

Gorky said, "Marriage is a combination of the spirit of two people. The purpose is to overcome all the difficulties and hardships of the world."

Marriage contract is a promise of a lifetime, and marriage is more like a responsibility. It is a promise that both husbands and wives must be responsible for each other. If you receive the marriage certificate, you must be responsible for each other’s life.

Marriage is not a child’s play, nor is it a ticket that can be torn. Whether men and women will love each other will take time to prove it.

In marriage, the most sensitive and vulnerable time of a woman is pregnancy. When the wife is pregnant, a man’s attitude towards her will show the temperature and development direction of the relationship between husband and wife.


During pregnancy, men’s attitude towards his wife can see how much he loves his wife.

Wang Ling came out to work hard at a young age, had suffered a lot, and was more eager to get a solid love. There was a generous shoulder to rely on.

Once Wang Ling was bullied by others, Zhang Jing stood up to help Wang Ling solve the siege. From that day, Wang Ling had a strange feeling for Zhang Jing.

When Wang Ling is on vacation, he will take the initiative to cook Zhang Jing, help him clean up the house, buy him some daily necessities, and show all his careful thoughts.

Later, the two young people walked smoothly together. Zhang Jing’s mother liked this quiet and gentle girl, urging the two to get married quickly.

Zhang Jing was very hesitant to get married. He felt that he was still young and didn’t want to be bound by marriage early, so he chose to drag and drag.

At this time, Wang Ling checked that she was pregnant. She immediately told Zhang Jing about the good news and told him to be a father. Zhang Jing had no choice but to receive a certificate with Wang Ling reluctantly.

In the relationship between the two people, Wang Ling has always paid more one party, and her requirements are not much, as long as Zhang Jing can be with her.

After pregnancy, she resigned from her job, reassured her fetus at home, and bought a lot of pregnancy books to read it to put some soothing piano songs for her baby.not enough.

Wang Ling’s pregnancy is very serious, and the whole person’s complexion is also very bad. She called Zhang Jing and asked him to buy some talk when she got off work, so that her stomach would be a little better.

Zhang Jing, after class, went to the bar with a group of friends, and went home to drink drunk. He had forgotten what his wife told him.

On the day of Wang Ling’s birthday, she deliberately made a few of the dishes, set up the chopsticks and waited for her husband to get off work. Waiting until late at night, she did not see her husband, leaving only her crying in the dark night.

At that moment, her heart was chilling, but the road was chosen by herself. Even if it was difficult to walk, and even if it was bumpy, she could only bear it.

A man who does not love his wife, even if she is pregnant, will not care much about her and loves her.

Women cannot bind a man’s heart with "children".Because she does not love her, men will not take care of her feelings, nor will they bear more responsibilities in marriage.


The husband and wife love each other. After a woman is pregnant, men will grow quickly and become her armor.

Xu Wei and Chen Yi began to fall in love when they were in college. During the graduation season, many couples faced their breakups, or separated from the two places. In order to Xu Wei, Eason Chan gave up high -paying work in other places.The city began to work hard to work hard.

Two people rented a small house. At that time, the days were very hard, but the two lived happily. They wake up the other party with a kiss in the morning. After get off work at night, they will visit the supermarket together, make dinner together, take a walk together after dinner, and nest together. Watching movies on the sofa, love is beautiful.

Two people who have just stepped into the society work step by step in their goals, just to build their own home in this city just to give each other a better future.

Finally, three years later, they saved enough down payment. Eason Chan bought Xu Wei a ring with his bonus and worked with Xu Wei’s hand.

Soon after getting married, Xu Wei found that she was pregnant. The news really made her happy and sad. This child was the crystallization of two people’s love.

However, if you decide to be born, Xu Wei will definitely give up his work, and all economic pressure will fall on Eason Chan’s shoulders. She feels distressed.

After Chen Yi knew the news, he excitedly hugged Xu Wei for several times, and shouted in his mouth, "I’m going to be a father!"

Xu Wei told Eason Chan, and Chen Yi embraced her into her arms, saying, "Dear, rest assured, you just need to take good care of yourself and your baby, and give it to me!"

Eason Chan gave Xu Wei a great confidence, and made her start looking forward to the birth of the child with a happy mood.

Previously, Chen Yi occasionally did not return to dinner because of entertainment. Now he runs to the house after class, while counting what dishes are prepared for his wife at night.

Sometimes Xu Wei suddenly wanted to eat some very novel things. Eason Chan would do it immediately without saying a word, for fear that his wife would be left out and made his wife unhappy.

Chen Yi took care of Xu Wei and gave birth to a baby. The family of the two suddenly became a family of three. The love of the two became stronger and better.

Women who are pregnant need more patience and companionship. Whether a man can care about her feelings and gives every effort to give her the greatest sense of security. It can be seen from the man’s attitude.

The man who really loves his wife will grow quickly and accompany her carefully when she is pregnant.

No matter how windy and rain on the road, men are willing to cover the wind and rain for her.


Seeing a sentence in the book: "There are always people who have a deep affection for a lifetime, and there are always people who love it at a glance at a time.

When you fall in love with someone, men will use their lives to guard each other.For women who do not love, even if the other party gives him a child for him, he won’t be more loved.

The marriage of the article and Mariley was very enviable. This pair of nine -year -old sister -in -law loved the test and finally walked into the marriage. After MI and gave birth to her eldest daughter, she began to support her husband’s career.Put your focus in the family.

However, when Marieli was in the second child, the article was betrayed by betrayal.

At that time, Mayley chose to forgive her husband, and left a sentence that "love each other is easy, marriage is not easy, and cherish!"

After many years, the two finally reached the step of divorce, and they had to sigh.

Men love and dislike. When his wife is pregnant, his attitude explains everything.Maybe I don’t love it, so I betrayed her during the period when women were pregnant.

The scars left by a woman in the heart of a woman are not time to smooth it, and it is a pain that cannot be forgotten for a lifetime.

Whether the husband and wife divorce will love each other for a lifetime, and the wife is doomed from being pregnant.

When men are deep, they will naturally make a vow to the woman, promising that he will give a woman’s happiness, but it is too long to judge whether the other party will love his life.

Whether the husband and wife will love each other for a lifetime, it is doomed when the wife is pregnant. It is a period of testing the patience and sincerity of men, and it is also a period that can make men strengthen their original intentions.

Men’s careful consideration will make women remember a lifetime and become the root of warmth of her life.Even if she has more suffering in the future, she has the courage to face it.

During the woman’s pregnancy, the man’s ignoring, like a basin of cold water, extinguished the enthusiasm of the woman all, so that she could really see the man’s heart.

Woman, please love yourself and see the man you want to deliver a lifetime!


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