Will the same room during pregnancy be "disturbed" to the fetus?Doctor: Don’t be shy, parents should know

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After pregnancy, I believe that many couples will be troubled by this problem, that is, whether they can live a normal husband during pregnancy, but they are afraid of affecting their children. I don’t know what to do.

@小: I still live a normal life with my husband during pregnancy, and the child is healthy.

@A 5 -year -old baby: In the early stage, I had a room with my husband, but there was a little bleeding, so I dared not dare to have the same room later.

@: I have made a miscarriage because I have done a few abortion before, so the doctor recommends that I do n’t have the same room in the same room, so as not to affect the child.

So during pregnancy, will the life of husband and wife affect the fetus?What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Will sexual life affect the fetus during pregnancy?

1. Try to reduce or avoid sexual life from January to March in the early stages of pregnancy.

Doctors recommend that in the early stages of pregnancy, that is, from January to March, try to be reduced or avoid the same room.Because in the early stage, the embryo was negligible to differentiation and the development was unstable. At this time, if the husband and wife had improper sexual life, it would cause uterine contraction, which caused the abortion of pregnant women. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce or avoid the same room between husband and wife in the initial stage.

2. A moderation of husband and wife can be appropriately performed in the second trimester of pregnancy.

In the medium term, the fetus of the fetus has been formed, and the pregnancy is relatively stable. At this stage, the husband and wife life can be appropriately lived.During pregnancy, the relationship between husband and wife, moderate room, is beneficial to the growth and development of the fetus. At the same time, the relationship between the husband and wife is enhanced, and the pregnant woman’s mood is happy.Doctors suggest that in the middle period, keep it appropriately, do not excessively frequent, and not too intense.

3. It is best not to have sex in July to September in the second trimester.

In the later period, the fetus will grow quickly, and the pregnant woman’s belly will gradually become larger, and the fetus is particularly sensitive to external stimuli.In the later period, the fetus may occur. The same room between husband and wife will cause strong shrinkage of the uterus and cause premature birth and miscarriage. Therefore, in the later stage, it is recommended that pregnant women should not have sex.

4. This type of pregnant women should avoid the same room.

For pregnant women who have experienced many abortion or abortion before, after pregnancy, it is best to prohibit sexual life.Because multiple abortion causes habitual abortion, once you become pregnant, you must prohibit the same room between husbands and wives to avoid serious consequences.

3. Precautions during pregnancy:

1. Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene.

During pregnancy, the resistance of the private parts becomes more fragile than the original and is susceptible to infection.Therefore, we must do a good job of cleaning before doing sex to avoid causing bacterial infections.Because pregnant women are infected, it will affect the health of the fetus.

2. The emotions of pregnant women.

Women are physiological reasons for progesterone after pregnancy, and they will have a poor sexual desire.During this period, it is best to not force pregnant women to respect her wishes.If pregnant women have a large mood fluctuations, it may lead to abortion of the fetus, so it is important to keep pregnant women a pleasant mood.

3. Movement should not be too severe.

During pregnancy, sexual life between husband and wife should not be too severe, just keep comfortable.Once the action is too severe, it is easy to cause damage to the gangsters of pregnant women, which will lead to bleeding.

During pregnancy, couples should choose to exercise the amplitude in a suitable time and a happy state of pregnant women, which will not disturb the fetus, but can promote the growth and development of the fetus.

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