Will uterine fibroids affect pregnancy?How does Chinese medicine treat uterine fibroids

There are many women who want to get pregnant clinically, do examination, and find uterine fibroids, and they will be anxiously asked about the doctor. Will it affect the child?What should I do?I will share with you today:

Uterine fibroids will have a certain impact on pregnancy.Different uterine fibroids have different effects.For example, the biggest influence is submucosal fibroids.

In the uterine cavity, even in the uterine cavity, even if it is a relatively small fibroids, it is also a foreign body in the uterine cavity, so it is easy to affect the development of the fertilized eggs. When the fibroids under the mucosa grow relatively large, the impact will affect the impact.It will be bigger, it occupies a larger position.It’s easy to understand this.

In addition, the fibroids between the muscles. If the fibroids between the muscles grow to more than 4 cm, they will squeeze the uterine cavity, causing the deformation of the uterine cavity, and affecting the blood supply of the endometrium.Bed development causes obstacles.

The influence of subtinum fibroids can be said to have a small impact on conception. What impact will it cause?That is to say, after a certain degree of pregnancy, because the submucosal fibroids are relatively large, which affects the normal expansion of the uterine cavity, which will cause abortion.

Another situation is the special location of this uterine fibroids. For example, it grows in the cervical position and the position of the inner mouth of the cervix, which will affect the sperm to enter the uterine cavity through the cervical mouth.If the uterine fibroids grow at the inner mouth of the fallopian tube, it will also affect the combination of the sperm through the tube into the fallopian tube and the egg.

Does pregnancy affect uterine fibroids?

Pregnancy has an impact on uterine fibroids. This is certain, because uterine fibroids are hormone -dependent tumors.The level of estrogen and progesterone after pregnancy will increase after pregnancy, which will promote the grown of uterine fibroids, which is generally faster than normal growth.

Another situation is that the improvement of hormone levels will stimulate the rapid growth of uterine fibroids.Then we must be alert to the benign changes of a uterine fibroids, which is the problem of red -like changes. This is because the growth of uterine fibroids is particularly rapid, which causes severe pain, even fever, and increased white blood cells.In general, this situation can still be conservative.But we must know that this situation should be alert.Because this is an acute abdomen, you need to seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

Does uterine fibroids affect childbirth?

Uterine fibroids generally do not have an impact on childbirth and can give birth normally naturally.

Finally, I will share with you, the treatment of uterine fibroids in Chinese medicine

The treatment of uterine fibroids from medical treatment can be divided into the treatment of symptoms for the convenience of everyone’s understanding.For example, I have shared the situation of uterine fibroids before, and the menstrual flow, extension of menstruation, and abdominal pain.Then the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine generally adopts the method of nourishing qi and hemostasis, and uses a large amount of qi medicine. There is a saying in Chinese medicine called tangible blood, which cannot be quickly born.When we replenish qi, we play a role in stopping bleeding, especially for this situation of major bleeding.

In terms of pain, it is generally a Chinese medicine understanding of pain. It is painful, and it is also due to the pain caused by blood stasis. Therefore, it is generally used to treat qi and stasis and relieve pain.

Then there is the treatment of this uterine fibroid mass. This treatment is a process with a long course of treatment, and it is also necessary to dialectically discuss treatment.For different situations, there are some different individuals that need to be used by this treatment principle, that is, the method of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and softness of softening.

For example, for the liver stagnation and qi stagnation of the cause of the cause, then it is necessary to relieve the liver and qi, promote blood circulation and stasis, and soften the knot;

This situation of cold condensation and blood stasis, then it is necessary to warm the cold, promote blood circulation, and stasis, and soften the knot;

There is also this situation of phlegm and turbidating internal resistance. We generally take spleen and phlegm to remove dampness, as well as this method of moving blood circulation and removing blood stasis.There are still more satisfactory effects.

The treatment effect of this uterine fibroids is indeed varying from person to person, and the disease is different.””” 杏”

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