Will you come to menstruation when you are pregnant?

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Women will not have menstruation during pregnancy, but there are also many women who have vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. This phenomenon is likely to be caused by threatening abortion, or it may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.The situation should be paid attention to. Women will not come to menstruation after pregnancy, and there will be an increase in secretions during pregnancy. Will menstruation come to pregnancy?

Generally speaking, menstruation does not come after pregnancy, but this is not absolute. After a small number of ladies after pregnancy, because the hormones in their body have not yet reached the normal category, there are still similar menstruation.But the general amount is less than usual. There are two cases of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. One is physiological bleeding. Due to the fertilized eggs and the placenta, the fluff is broken through the endometrium.One is bleeding with a threatened signs of abortion. Women who are already sure of pregnancy should go to the hospital for examination in time if they find vaginal bleeding to eliminate the possibilities.

1. Vaginal bleeding: Bleeding after pregnancy is common in cervical polyps or erosion of pregnancy, and cervical cancer can also cause vaginal bleeding.It is understandable that the menstrual menstruation of a very different pregnancy can be understood as a physiological reaction after the fertilized eggs.

2. Breakfast abortion: There is a stopping history, and the test of urine pregnancy test is positive, and it is diagnosed with pregnancy.In this case, vaginal bleeding occurs, or is accompanied by backache and abdominal pain. It should be considered first, and at the same time, it is also possible to think that there is no possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

Menstruation after pregnancy is not the real menstruation. It is a lesion and bleeding in the uterus or attachment. It is particularly alert to ectopic pregnancy.If you have a menstruation again after you are pregnant, you should go to the hospital immediately.The cause of bleeding can be treated in time.

Will you have menstruation when you are pregnant?Women will not come to menstruation during pregnancy. If a woman’s vaginal bleeding occurs during pregnancy, it may be caused by ectopic pregnancy, or it may be a sign of a threatened abortion. Women should avoid vaginal bleeding during pregnancy.When the vaginal bleeding occurs, you need to go to the hospital for examination early.

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