Will you get pregnant with a ring?Don’t think it’s impossible, don’t forget the child who was born with "ring"

The main purpose of the ring is contraception. Many people think that the ring is a one -and -all -way way, and there is no need to worry about too much.However, many women have been safe for many years in their lives, and they have not taken other contraceptive measures in the same room. Suddenly, they found that the aunt could not come late, and she was nervous when she was pregnant, worried that she would not be pregnant.But it feels impossible, because it is clearly carrying the birth ring, so why is this?

A few years ago reported such a news, I believe everyone has heard of it.In December 2016, Hellein, a mother who was already two children, found that she was pregnant again.Surprisingly, she had been to the hospital to undergo a birthplace surgery before that, and the doctor was convinced that an effective birth ring was implanted in her body under 99%.When the doctor was undergoing a cesarean section, the contraceptive appliance was found behind Hellein’s placenta, so we saw a picture of the nurse put the nurse on the child’s hands.

So the upper ring is a contraceptive measure, but why is it pregnant?

1. Disclosure of the Nursery Ring Road

If the position of the contraceptive ring is relatively low and close to the cervix, it will not be able to inhibit the bed and development of fertilized eggs.The foreign body stimulation caused by the uterus in the body is stimulated. After the uterus is stimulated, reflective contractions will continue to occur. For a long time of rejection, the educational ring will be moved down and falling off.There are old lacerations, and the position of the ring is likely to squeeze off the ring without fixed, which does not play a certain role.

2. The problem of the birth ring itself

The size of the contraceptive ring is not adapted to the size of the uterine cavity. For example, if the health ring is too large, it will stimulate the uterine wall to cause uterine contraction, or the quality of the birth ring is not good. After many years, it has deformation or even broken, losing the contraceptive effect.It may also be the technical level of the operator, the amount of women’s labor is too large, and the walking posture, which will make the position of the nursing ring shift.Therefore, if you are placed in a birthplace, you should go to the hospital for review to check whether the position of the birthplace is abnormal.

3. The problem of uterine structure

There may be a female uterus in life as a bisder, which divides the uterine cavity into two parts in the middle, which are connected to the same side of the fallopian tubes. Both sides have the ability to conceive. Then if these people want to bring a ringring.However, some people may not know that they have two uterus, and the hospital has not done a complete inspection of this. Only on one side, only one side of the breeding ring can only occupy one side of the septum, so you will have a pregnancy.The situation, because the other side still has a chance to conceive.

Can children who are pregnant with a ring of pregnancy ask?

In fact, this is to see what ring it is.If it is only due to the displacement, falling off or too long in use … the cause of contraceptive failure is generally not necessary to terminate the pregnancy because of the reasonsDeforms, children are very healthy, so it can be required.However, if you use an active contraceptive ring, for example, the T -type copper ring that can release drugs to interfere with conception … It is not recommended to continue pregnancy, because such drugs enter the body, which may cause reproductive systems such as ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, etc.It will affect the early development of the embryo.

Anyway, in fact, the ring is also pregnant. Women must pay attention to in their usual life.Go to the hospital to regularly review whether the ring nursery rings abnormally occur to avoid pregnancy.

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