Will you still come to "Aunt" during pregnancy?Not all are abortion, these two reasons are also very common

Some pregnant women may find blood stains of underwear during pregnancy. At this time, they often become very chaotic. They are worried that the body will have abnormalities, and even worry about miscarriage.In fact, many pregnant women have experienced the phenomenon of bleeding during pregnancy. After checking in the hospital, they found that the fetus has not been abnormal, so many people call this behavior as "aunt for pregnancy."So do you really do not come again during pregnancy?Why is the phenomenon of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy?

Is it possible to have menstruation during pregnancy?

Menstruation will stop immediately after pregnancy. This is a common sense that pregnant women know, so they will not have menstruation during pregnancy.The reason why some pregnant women bleed during pregnancy were not caused by menstruation, but caused by vaginal bleeding.According to incomplete statistics, 25%of pregnant women have experienced this phenomenon. Of them, 50%of pregnant women can continue to become pregnant, with about 33%of natural abortion, and very few phenomena of cervical diseases or ectopic pregnancy.However, in general, bleeding during pregnancy usually has little effect on mother and child health, and does not need to be too nervous.

Common causes of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy:

1. Normal bleeding

For some pregnant women, vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is not abnormal. This type of pregnant woman has a special physical condition. A small amount of bleeding may occur within 90 days after pregnancy, or the implantation of fertilized eggs may also cause implantation.Bleeding.If the doctor notify it after the examination, don’t worry too much.

2. Abortion

Other bleeding is a symptom of miscarriage. This is unwilling to see all pregnant women. At this time, the uterine wall will be separated from the placenta, the blood flow will gradually increase, and there will be severe abdominal pain.At this time, you must check it in time and follow the doctor’s opinion.

3. Physical disease

Of course, if pregnant women have physical diseases such as hydatiditic or ectopic pregnancy, it may also cause vaginal bleeding. It is necessary to perform physical examinations in a timely manner to prevent adverseness to the health of the fetus.

Summary: Do you have too little bleeding during pregnancy?What is the situation caused by?

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