Wire or stomach disease?You need to do this not only for pregnancy, but also heartbroken!

Two days ago, in October and the teacher of the high school class teacher Ping, the old teacher, who knew a happy event, Mr. Ping’s daughter -that is, my sister, caught up with the trend of "having a second child".Essence

However, as the pregnancy month is getting bigger and bigger, my sister can’t sleep at night. This time, there is still a heart burning. The feeling seems to be a fire in the chest.Sitting up, panting, opened his eyes overnight and couldn’t fall asleep.Seeing the sin of my sister’s suffering, my teacher was sad.

My master was a pot of pig heart lotus soup a day, stewed to the sister to eat, drink two bowls of meals, and eaten vomiting, but the sister’s heart burned the situation and did not improve.

October Mushroom listened to Mr. Ping’s situation of his sister, and immediately understood where the problem was, giving my teacher an idea, and the pregnant mothers who had a heartburn condition or a pregnant mother, please know.You can’t sleep well during your pregnancy!

Why does it appear heartburn

In October, the master asked the master. What did the sister eat a few meals a day and what they ate, and found that her eating habits were really bad.Because the first child is a little smaller, in order to make the second child grow strong, the sister eats six meals a day:

8:00 breakfast

Add meals at 10:00

12:00 meals

16:30 pm tea

20:00 dinner

23:20 supper

Sometimes I am hard for being hungry, and I am hard for the master, especially when I ate late for dinner, and the supper is full of dishes, the condiments, and the flavors are heavy and heavy.

Burning heart has nothing to do with dampness and heat and anger

What we call "burning heart" is actually a common symptom of digestive system. The burning heart is burning after the sternum, which occurs in the chest. Some pregnant mothers even feel that the neck, throat and face will have a burning feeling.Essence

Modern medicine believes that the heart burning is caused by esophageal acidization of gastric esophageal reflux.Pregnant mothers usually have bad eating habits, such as eating before bedtime and drinking strong tea, which can cause chronic indigestion, and it is easy to cause heartburn and vomiting.It has nothing to do with the so -called damp heat and fire, and the pig heart soup occasionally drink it once, but it is not necessary to drink it every day.

Think about the food you eat during pregnancy: the chicken soup of the oil flowers, the fatty braised pork … and the time for the pregnant mothers to eat, whether they are hungry, eat it at the meal, and pause.After eating, I added meals, for fear that the little one in my stomach would be hungry.

Such a bad eating habit is particularly easy to cause problems with the digestive system, heart burning, and the changes in the body during pregnancy, and the problems of constipation hemorrhoids have also followed. The lunch break and the middle of the night cannot sleep well.

October fungus teaches you to deal with heart burning

Early pregnancy

Because the pregnant vomiting is relatively strong, the situation of burning heart is relatively not so obvious.Since early pregnancy, the diet structure of pregnant mothers has undergone tremendous changes.

In order to ensure the nutrition of the baby’s baby, some pregnant mothers also hardly make themselves "support", which will cause a certain burden on the stomach. When too much food accumulates in the stomach and cannot digest, it is likely to form formedChronic stomach disease.Therefore, it is recommended to eat less meals in October, and I feel that it is almost stopped.

Mid -pregnancy

As the uterus gradually increases, it is more obvious to compress the stomach.At this time, the pregnant mother may not be able to sleep at night. In October, the bacteria recommended to sleep with the left side of the knee flexion. This can clearly alleviate the heart of the pregnant mother, and at the same time, it can also properly raise the pillow to reduce the discomfort caused by gastric acid backflow.

Late pregnancy

Most of the heart burning at this time is caused by improper diet, such as more irritating foods, such as shallots, garlic, vinegar, etc.Pregnant mothers should endure and control the thoughts of eating heavy things, and spicy, barbecue hot pot, cream cake Say Goodbye, eat less fried, fried and sugar -containing foods.Just staying for a child, the food is on the way to your mouth.

Some pregnant mothers do it for 5 minutes for a meal, and the tongue did not respond, and the food entered the stomach, and some were eating while watching the TV series. A small bowl had to eat for an hour.It may cause heartburn.

In October, the pregnant mother reminded the pregnant mother that chewing slowly throat can not only reduce the number of heartburn, but also promote saliva secretion. After the saliva enters the stomach, it forms a layer of protein film, which will help prevent diseases such as gastric ulcers.The brain reaction has a sense of satiety and helps control the weight of pregnancy.Therefore, eating less meals, chewing slowly, and developing good eating habits is really good for mothers and babies!

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