Women are born with "twin uterus", can "fetus" live on the standard room?

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In people’s cognition, a woman has only one uterus.When the uterus occurs, many mothers have to cut off the uterus.And some women have two uterus, will this make many friends very envious, will pregnancy easier?

Ms. Li in Pingyu County, Zhumadian City is 48 years old. She is healthy on weekdays. Recently, symptoms such as abdominal pain suddenly occurred.Accompanied by his family, he went to the local hospital for treatment.After receiving the hospital, the hospital’s medical staff immediately took the pelvic color Doppler ultrasound for Ms. Li.Essence

Hey? Why is B -ultrasound the right side of the right side? Left side? Is it …

Yes, Ms. Li’s uterus has two cervix and two uterine cavity, which is what we call the twin!

After the local hospital was given conservative treatment, Ms. Li’s abdominal pain was eased. In order to further seek treatment, she came to Zhumadian Central Hospital with the advice of the local doctor.

Li Heyue, a gynecological duty doctor in the Central Hospital of Zhumadian City, quickly improved various types of examinations for the patients after receiving the consultation. In communication, Ms. Li was pregnant 8 times from 1994 to 2009, three times to give birth three times, and 5 artificial abortion.

"It is normal for women to have a uterus. If there is a twin uterus, it will not increase the surrogacy rate, but it will bring fertility trouble. Patients can get pregnant normally and have 8 pregnancy. It is not easy to improve each.Li Heyue was discovered during the inspection.

After system examination, in addition to the twin uterine, Ms. Li also has left uterine fibroids, cysts in the right accessories, and pelvic endometriosis. These diseases seriously affect Ms. Li’s physical and mental health.

"The patient’s left uterine fibroids are gradually changing, and the left uterus will increase like more than 2 months of pregnancy; the right cervical abnormal cyst is dense. If other cervical inflammation, such as cervical erosion, cervical polyps, etc.To cervical cancer, the quality of life and life of patients seriously threatened patients. "He Quanqin, director of gynecology, said, and the number of patients with intermittent lower abdomen and pain in the current patients have become more and more frequent, which seriously affects daily life.

After communicating with their families, they fully respect the decisions of patients and family members.After careful consideration, He Quanqin decided to decide to have the consent of patients and family members and family members.

After preparing for intense surgery, He Quanqin’s masterpiece, Li Heyue and Fu Xiaochun are the gynecological surgery teams of the assistant, and they will be carried out as scheduled with the close cooperation of medical staff of the hospital anesthesiology operating room.It was found under the laparoscopic that the patient’s twin uterus was distributed on both sides of the pelvic cavity.Small fibroid -like nodules.He Quanqin implemented Ms. Li’s undergoing anesthesia, bilateral tube resection+pelvic adhesion and pelvic solution. The process was smooth, the patient was safe, and Ms. Li was discharged from the hospital on the 6th day after the operation.

"Double uterus and double cervix belong to reproductive tract malformations. The cause of the disease is that the embryonic development period is normal but not fully fused. Each of its development forms a twin uterus.Double vagina. "He Quanqin said that the twin uterus did not increase the surrogacy rate, but it would decrease. At the same time, female friends with twin uterus and double cervix should pay attention to their own hygiene and develop good habits to avoid gynecological diseases.

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