Women do not know who is the child’s father.

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As soon as the baby girl was born, she was strangled to the bathroom by her biological mother.

In the early morning of June 26, 2020, the suspect Li Jiaqin gave birth to a baby girl alone in a bathroom in a hotel in Shanghai. Because she was afraid of being known to her family and disturbing her life, she immediately strangled her baby girl and wrapped it with a plastic bag.Throw it into the nearby garbage room.

On March 17, 2021, the surging news reporter learned from the People’s Procuratorate of Qingpu District, Shanghai that a few days ago, the court filed a public prosecution against Li Jiaqin for intentional homicide, and suggested that Li Jiaqin’s sentence of 14 years or less.

Public videos showed that Li Jiaqin threw the baby girl into the garbage room.The pictures of this article are all pictures of the People’s Procuratorate of Qingpu District

Qingpu District Procuratorate introduced that Li Jiaqin was born in 1996. He lived with his mother, brother, grandfather, and grandmother. He dropped out of school on the first day and stayed at home for a few years.EssenceAt the age of 20, he met his ex -husband through a blind date. He got married in less than half a year and had a child shortly after marriage.

After her son was born, the attitude of her husband began to change. The father -in -law also blame her from time to time so that Li Jiaqin was very unhappy.So she returned to her mother’s house, no longer cared for her husband and son, and proposed a divorce to her husband.After returning home, she was either watching TV at home or going out to play.

One of her friends recommended a new bar to her. After she had never been to the bar before, she was attracted by the bar after she had been with her friend once. She often went alone.There are often different men who come to talk and send wine. Li Jiaqin has a relationship with several of them.

In November 2019, Li Jiaqin was alert that her physiological period had not come for two months. She had giving birth to she realized that she was pregnant again, and she didn’t remember who the child was.In panic, her only thought was that her family could not let her family know about it.She decided not to get a fetus, because the hospitalization requires time and money, and the money she usually eats, drinks, and fun is scattered and reached out to ask her family. Suddenly a lot of money will definitely cause doubt.So she planned to drag and take a step.

Li Jiaqin was a little fat. One winter passed, and her belly was bulging. Occasionally, some people doubted whether she was pregnant and was confused by her.She did not know her child’s biological father, and naturally did not know her due date. When the epidemic improved, she and her husband finally went through the divorce formalities. Li Jiaqin was "liberated" completely. After a few months at home, she started playing at the bar again.

On June 25, 2020, Yin Ying, a waiter in Li Jiaqin and a waiter in the bar, opened a room in a nearby hotel together. He planned to stay directly after playing with a happy time, but Yin Ying’s husband asked her to go home halfway.Li Jiaqin stayed alone.At this time, a man who had just met at the bar a few days ago asked her to call her, and asked Li Jiaqin to acquiesce.

At five o’clock in the morning, Li Jiaqin suddenly felt a pain in her stomach. She had broken the amniotic fluid and she was about to produce.The man who stayed on the bed was still lying on the bed, and Li Jiaqin was afraid to wake him up to cause trouble, so he sat alone on the toilet in the room to draw a toilet, gritted his teeth and endured the pain. After ten minutes, he gave birth to a baby in the toilet.Essence

The little baby was full of blood, and the umbilical cord was not disconnected, so he began to cry.Li Jiaqin was still sitting slowly, and when he heard the cry, he shocked suddenly.

"Never let people know this child, and can’t let her disturb my life." Li Jiaqin immediately decided to strangle the baby and confirm that the baby was dead, so he held the baby from the toilet, put it in the bathtub aside, looked around and looked around., Prepare the bodies of the baby in the bag of the bathroom trash can.

She called Yin Ying again, saying that her physiological period was here, and she asked her to help send a pack of sanitary napkins.Yin Ying stuffed her sanitary napkin from the door seam and left.The man who stayed on the bed was not awakened in bed. Li Jiaqin quickly took off the vests worn on his body and wrapped the child. At this time, she found that she was born with a baby girl, but she couldn’t care about emotions.In a few floors, I secretly went downstairs to find a garbage station and threw their children in the dry trash can.

Li Jiaqin throwing a baby girl’s garbage station

Throwing away her daughter, Li Jiaqin returned home in the afternoon.On the same day, the cleaners accidentally discovered the baby’s body while cleaning the garbage room. The case was caused by this case.

The procuratorial organs were reviewed that Li Jiaqin intentionally illegally deprived others of the lives of others.EssenceRecently, the People’s Procuratorate of Qingpu District, Shanghai, filed a public prosecution in this case, investigated the criminal responsibility of Li Jiaqin in accordance with the law, and suggested that the defendant Li Jiaqin was sentenced to more than fourteen years and less than fifteen years.

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