Women have been married for 3 years, and the hospital checked: Men

Ms. Ye (pseudonym), 30 years old, has been married for many years. She has not been able to conceive her children. When she went to the hospital, the doctor said that she was a "man".The "she" that shows the characteristics of women’s characteristics on the whole body cannot believe this fact at all.On November 24, the reporter learned from the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University that the hospital had encountered such a rare congenital sexual development abnormal disease.

"She" has been married for three years and has not been pregnant

"Reason" is a man

A few days ago, Ms. Ye came to the Yamage Medicine Center of Wen Da University because she had not contraceptive for more than 3 years after her marriage for more than 3 years.After a series of examinations, doctors found that their estrogen is very low, and follicle stimulus (FSH) is high, and the breast development is poor.

The doctor’s consultation learned that when Ms. Ye was 18 years old, she went to a foreign hospital for examination. The abdomen B -ultrasound showed that the uterus was small. At that time, the doctor suggested that she takes estrogen hormone treatment cyclically.To this end, the doctor suggested that Ms. Ye checked the peripheral blood chromosomes, and the result was unexpected, but it was 46 and XY.From a genetic perspective, this means that Ms. Ye is a "man".

From the appearance of the body, Ms. Ye is a woman, but the cells are completely male chromosomes. What is going on?

"This is a relatively rare congenital abnormal disease. Although the secretion of sex hormones is normal, due to the mutation of therogens receptor (AR) gene, it does not respond to the inadequate or inadequate to therogen, which will leadPart of it is lost. The genitals of these people are feminine, and their chromosome nucleus type is 46, XY. The androgen is not sensitive syndrome is very rare, and the family is inherited. "

According to reports, in the early days of the embryo, the testicles stopped developing, and the inhibitory factors could not be secreted normally, and the vulva developed into women, and the internal reproductive organs would also develop into women’s uterus and tubes.This kind of dysplasia has no hormone secretion. After puberty, there is generally no breast development, nor does it come to menstruation.It shows primary amenorrhea, but there is the development of uterus and vagina, which can normal menstruation after hormone replacement treatment.Because of this, Ms. Ye did not go to the hospital for examination until infertility. This found that her chromosome showed that she was a male sex chromosomal.

"Super Man" may not be more men

"Super Girl" is not a more woman

What is sex chromosome?Zheng Jiujia introduced that there are 46 chromosomes in human cells, and one of them is a chromosomes that determine gender, called sex chromosomes.Men are XY and women are XX.Once the sex chromosomes are abnormal, they will cause various sexual chromosome -related genetic diseases.

It is worth mentioning that if the number of sex chromators is abnormal, it will also lead to the emergence of some genetic diseases, such as Super Female Syndrome (47, XXX) and Chaoxiong Syndrome (47, XYY).This is the so -called "super girl" and "super man".

Zheng Jiujia said that hospital clinics often encounter the so -called "super girl" and "super man", mainly because they come to the hospital for infertility.

"The number of ‘super men’ is not large, but one or two cases will be encountered every two months, mostly because of fertility problems." Zheng Jiujia said.

The so -called Chaoxiong Syndrome (47, XYY), also known as XYY syndrome, is a male chromosome an additional Y chromosome.Medically, this kind of artificial "super man".Zheng Jiujia introduced that such patients are often relatively tall. Occasionally, crypt testis, testicular development and sperm formation disorder and fertility decreased.Not long ago, a 30 -year -old man came to the hospital for fertility. He was 1.8 meters tall and his upper limbs were particularly long. He was inspected as Chaoxiong syndrome.

So what kind of "Super Girl" will be?Women with more X chromosome become more gentle and more feminine?

In fact, the patients of Super Female Syndrome (47, XXX) seem to be no different from women with normal chromosomes, but some patients will have signs such as short body, obesity, and width of the eye distance.And the more the number of X chromosomes, the more severe intelligence, and the more severe intelligence, and it can also show exercise coordination problems and hearing treatment disorders.The disease is the most common X -chromosomal abnormal disease in women with an incidence of 1/2000.

Doctors remind that early diagnosis should be performed as early as possible for this type of genetic diseases such as "Super Man" or "Super Women".Getting measures such as hormone replacement and auxiliary psychological guidance before adolescence can significantly alleviate symptoms and improve the quality of life of patients.At the same time, it is recommended that this type of people with genetic risks be evaluated as early as possible before preparing for pregnancy. When necessary, it will be auxiliary reproductive therapy. Preferably high -quality embryo will greatly increase their opportunities to bred healthy offspring.

From: Wenzhou Evening News

Source: Dajiang.com

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