Women have just discovered pregnancy, don’t patronize happiness, these key things must be done well

Wen | Tao Ma

Lele, who was just married for 3 months, found that his appetite was not very good during this time, and he was always nausea and vomiting. The people around me joked whether it was.Lele said it was impossible, but he murmured in his heart.Unexpectedly, the results showed that the two red bars, Lele happily showed the test strip to her husband, saying that she was pregnant.Her husband likes a child very much. He knows that he is going to be a father, and he doesn’t keep his mouthful. Then he quickly calls his parents and share this good news.Regardless of whether pregnancy is for couples and families between the two sides, it is a happy thing.However, after women have just discovered pregnancy, don’t patronize happiness, these key things must be done well.

1. Go to the hospital for examination

Most women are convinced that they are 100 % pregnant after testing their pregnancy with a pregnancy test stick, and then they start to raise various tires and do not plan to go to the hospital for examination.In fact, women should go to the hospital to check after they find that they are pregnant.Of course, the time to check is also required. Generally, it is recommended to go from 7-8 weeks.After going to the hospital for examination, on the one hand, you can confirm whether you are really pregnant, because the accuracy rate of the pregnancy test stick is not 100 %; on the other hand, if you check at this time, you can see the fetal heart buds and know the development of the embryo.how.You can also know whether it is a single or multiple babies, or an internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.If it is an ectopic pregnancy, surgery can be performed in time to avoid more serious consequences.

2. Inform the leader

If pregnant women are still at work, they should inform their leadership in time after pregnancy.Because the first three months of pregnancy are very sensitive, pregnant women should not overwhelm over.The leaders told the leaders mainly to adjust their work in work and reduce the workload of pregnant women appropriately. Some of the strong work should be handed over to other colleagues to do it.And throughout pregnancy, pregnant women will encounter some physical discomfort, and if the leaders know, they will understand.

3. Change living habits

After having children, pregnant women can’t do whatever they want to do as before. For the healthy development of the fetus, pregnant women should change some bad habits.The habit of smoking, drinking, and staying up late should be abandoned, and if the prospective father smokes, you should also quit.And pay more attention to diet, try to achieve nutritional balance and comprehensiveness.In the early stages of pregnancy, there may be pregnant vomiting reactions, and pregnant women should also take countermeasures.

4. Supplement folic acid

Theoretically, women should supplement folic acid during pregnancy, and continue to supplement in the first three months after pregnancy.However, some women do not prepare for pregnancy. They are accidental pregnancy and have not supplemented folic acid before pregnancy.In this case, folic acid should be supplemented in time after discovering pregnancy.Because pregnant women lack folic acid in their bodies, neural tube deformities may occur in the fetus.Even if pregnant women do not supplement folic acid before pregnancy, they can still play a certain preventive role if they find it in time after pregnancy.

Tao Ma said: Of course, pregnancy is a happy thing, but in addition to being happy, pregnant women should consider how to make the fetus healthy.So after discovering pregnancy, pregnant women should do these things well.You know what you do after you are pregnant?

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