Women in these windy moon are pregnant, what will they do?

Today, the country strictly prohibits people from gambling, so now there are basically no such wind -moon places such as Qinglou in my country. Even if they secretly exist, it is illegal to be subject to legal sanctions.However, in ancient times, there were very few leisure and entertainment venues of ancient people, and in order to obtain more taxes, the country allowed the people to open the entertainment venues such as green buildings.In ancient times, these women working in Qinglou were very miserable.The status of ancient women was very low, and these green buildings women were also engaged in this humble profession, so it was even more despised.So, if the ancient green building woman was big, that is, she was pregnant, what would they do?It is said that the end is very miserable.

In ancient times, most women in Qinglou were these types of people.The first is that the family is very poor and there is no ability to maintain their livelihood, so these poor families will be sold by their parents to the Qinglou.The second is that these women are the family members of the criminals or clan, and are degraded by the emperor to the Qinglou.Third, the orphan of the former dynasties of these women, so they were finally arranged to work in the Qinglou.Anyway, once these women enter the Qinglou, their lives have been very bitter since then.If the woman’s belly is big, they will have the following three practices.

First, these green buildings will do everything possible to find the children’s father.Sometimes, there are miracles in this world, that is, even women in Qinglou may encounter true love.Therefore, some young buildings crying women will also find their children’s biological father after pregnancy.If you are lucky, you will still be taken home by his child’s father.However, in general, these men will not admit that their children are themselves.Generally, men who come to Fengyue’s place are not good people, so even if the children are their own, they will not admit in order not to affect their reputation.

Second, these green buildings will give birth to a child by themselves.Some women in the green building will secretly give birth to the child, and then make money by themselves to raise the child.But this approach is very difficult, because these green buildings will not have a lot of income.

Third, these green buildings will kill their children.This is also the most common approach.These green buildings women do not affect their lives and work, and they will secretly find someone to secretly treat their children. Although this approach is cruel, this approach is also very realistic and most actual.Therefore, the ancient green building woman was really miserable, and even her own children could not have.

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