Women notice that the 4 abnormalities that often appear in the body are easily ignored, which may be gynecological diseases.

Speaking of gynecological diseases, I believe that many women have deep feelings, not only waste time and money, but also torture people’s hearts. They are always not good, and they will always be repeated.Later delay.Some people are suspicious because they are sick, why they are always harassed by gynecological diseases, and they are obviously hygienic.

Three common causes that induce gynecological diseases, women who do not understand should keep in mind

There are many people flowing

The thickness of the uterine endometrium is fixed. Each time the flowing palace will make its thickness a little thinner, the endometrium will become thinner and thinner, and even the uterine perforation occurs.Not only is it easy to infect bacteria and inflammation, but also affects the power of pregnancy.In addition, if women who have undergone abortion surgery do not pay attention to hygiene during sexual life, there will also be problems such as odor, itching, and abdominal pain.

I often take medicine often when I get sick

Women usually take care of their children at work, and they rarely pay attention to their bodies when they are sick. Usually buy some medicine and eat the cause, and do not check the cause. The behavior of eating medicine will also hurt the health, reduce the resistance to reduce the resistanceOnce a drug -resistant bacteria occur, gynecological diseases are prone to occur.

Underwear is not dry

Some women do not have a boyfriend and do not take medicine, but there are gynecological diseases, so it may be related to underwear.Underwear is the clothing that women wear every day. If there are many bacteria on it, or there are cases of color loss, damage, deformation, etc., it will also harm physical health.It can be said that it is the first line of defense of the body surface. When wearing it, it can help you resist bacteria.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the "personal partner", wash it with your hands, dry it in the sun, and change it every day. It must be eliminated in time for more than 3 months. Don’t be reluctant to throw it.

Female friends should understand a certain gynecological knowledge, and pay attention to the abnormalities on the body. Do n’t bear to carry it with problems. Find a doctor to ask for help early.So, how do you know if you have gynecological diseases?

These abnormalities often appear, please don’t ignore it

① Auntie is not coming for more than a week, not necessarily pregnant

Healthy women should meet with "old friends" every month, and there are certain rules. If it is late for a while, it means that the body has changed.For example, recently eating less nutrition is not enough, or premature ovarian failure has been amenorrhea in advance.Women’s initial tide is later than her peers, and they have stomach pain every month. They need to go to the doctor in time, which may be vaginal atresia or deformity.

② Large menstrual flow, not to change sanitary napkins

Some women have a lot of menstruation each time. They need to use a large -capacity sanitary napkin. They have been accustomed to this state for a long time and have not thought about it.However, it should be noted that if there is a tumor in the uterus, and the surrounding tissue is congested and necrotic, it will also increase the amount of bleeding.It is recommended that after menstruation ended through the B -ultrasound, whether fibroids are making trouble.

③ Always itchy

In the case of itching, many women will search online, and then buy some flushing agents to clean them. This approach may make your situation heavier and heavier, because several diseases will cause itching.It may be pubic lice, skin diseases, and may be related to abnormal bile and blood sugar metabolism.Blind medication cannot solve the problem. In case of wrong, it will destroy the stability of the reproductive system.

④ often bleeding after sexual life

Bleeding is an abnormal phenomenon, but because of not much bleeding, it is easy to be ignored by everyone. Generally, three aspects are considered. First of all, there are polyps inside the cervix, which is squeezed by friction and bleeding. The second is inflammation.The last case is more serious, that is, tumors, which require further inspection to be clear.

In general, women should pay attention to personal hygiene, replace underwear and rational life, but also pay attention to changes in secretions.

It should be noted that gynecological diseases are regardless of age.

Adults have a stronger resistance, and minor resistance is weaker. Coupled with the development of organs, they do not understand sanitary knowledge, and the probability of inflammation is also high.Therefore, when children have itching and odor, don’t be embarrassed, take a doctor in time, and it is easy to urinate and frequent urination after a long time.

Therefore, pay attention to hygiene at any age, and learn how to clean and wipe correctly.Take a bath, wash your butt every night, use warm water, dry it in time after cleaning, and put on clean cotton underwear.After urination and defecation, wipe the order differently. Wipe the stool back. After the dry paper is wiped, wipe it with a wet towel.

What examinations can I do if I have gynecological diseases?

The first is the routine of the leucorrhea. In short, it is to see if the vaginal environment is healthy through your secretion, and whether there is mold or inflammation.There are also the naked eye examination, and some diseases will change the vulva, which can obviously see rash, white spots, and thickening skin.

Secondly, color Doppler ultrasound examination can see if there are strange things in the internal organs, and can see the problems of polyps, fibroids, cysts and other problems.Finally, women who are infected with HPV virus or family history can do this test.

After sexual life, you can check it. Generally, you do n’t need to check that more than 65 years old. It is necessary to remind it here that whether it is vaccine or not, screening is necessary.Women with a history of gynecology and medical history must ensure that the aunt has gone clean before the examination and has no sexual behavior.

Women have to go through a lot of things in this life. What cannot be avoided is gynecological diseases. No stages can not be relaxed. Pay attention to symptoms, pay attention to physical examinations, do not taboo diseases, do not take medicine and rinse it by themselves. At the same timeGood yourself, reduce the risk of infection virus and accidental pregnancy.

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