Women preparing for pregnancy know that these four signals appear in the body, congratulations, it is a sign of "good pregnancy"

During the pregnancy, every day is full of hope, and every day I look forward to the arrival of "pregnancy".

But the lack of experience or if you don’t care, you may miss the little trailer before the angel coming.

Teach you to grab the various performances of your body, get joy as soon as possible, and give your baby the best care as soon as possible.

What are the performance of successful conception?

The temperature has continued to rise continuously in recent days. In the past few days, I always feel hot and annoying?Preparation of expectant mothers can leave a careful eyes.Women’s body temperature changes periodic changes with menstruation.

The body temperature reaches the peak before ovulation. If the ovulation period is successful, the body temperature will keep the high temperature during ovulation and no longer decrease.

If you find that during the pregnancy, you find that after the body temperature of the ovulation, it has not dropped too ten days, then it may be in the lottery.

The changes in the breast found that the breasts are swollen a little bit pain, as if the breasts have become larger recently.

The color of the areola seems to be darker, and there are sketches.Even the veins on the breasts became obvious.

This is how the same thing?

Don’t worry, this is not a breast disease, it may be a manifestation of successful conception.


When watching the TV series, once the girls in the play suddenly started to vomit inexplicably, the audience must know that she was pregnant.

In fact, this is the case. The elevation of progesterone after pregnancy can cause nausea nausea, and often induces due to smelling greasy smell.


Usually, I have unlimited energy, but I have always been weak recently, drowsiness, dizziness, and weakness. This may also be a kind of early pregnancy reaction.These reactions may also be caused by the rise of progesterone in the body.

Taste change

Suddenly, you suddenly like to eat a light diet; people with light taste become loved sweets.

Neither of myself and the people around them are puzzled. In fact, pregnancy may cause changes in hormone levels, which has caused changes in taste.

Vaginal bleeding

It is not the ovulation period, nor is it menstruation.

Don’t worry, this may be bleeding in bed, and the blood color is often light, usually about the seventh day after ovulation.It is caused by a hormone fluctuation in bed.

But if it appears on the 12th day of the ovulation day, it will not be bleeding in bed.

Run the toilet without moving

Not only with the rise of the pregnancy month, expectant mothers will have frequent urination.The rise in HCG level in early pregnancy will also lead to frequent urination.

Maybe it’s pregnant, what do you have to do

After the urine HCG fertilized eggs, the chorionic gonad hormone in the human body will continue to rise.Early pregnancy test strips are for HCG testing, and it is found that positive is a manifestation of conception.

Blood HCG, female progesterone

The level of blood HCG can be diagnosed if you are pregnant. At the same time, the level of HCG in the blood and the level of estrogen hormone can be determined whether the state of pregnancy is normal. If the hormone level is not good, tire preservation treatment can be performed in time.


If you are not comfortable to do the B -ultrasound, you are afraid of hurting your baby. Why do you have to do a B -ultrasound?

This is because after determining that pregnancy, the B -ultrasound can determine whether the fertilized eggs are "lost", whether it is planted in the uterus well without ectopic pregnancy.

Then B -ultrasound can monitor the baby’s development and ensure that he or her comes to him safely.


There may be some worries after a huge surprise, and I don’t know how to give the baby the best growth.

Don’t be afraid, no one will be a mother, but everyone can be the best mothers.Feel the baby’s growth with a happy mood. I wish every little fairy who prepare for the younger fairy to have the cutest angel baby.

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