Women who prepare for pregnancy are likely to be pregnant. It is said that the child is here to repay the grace.

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Dreams have always been a very magical existence. The ancient words said that there is something to dream about every day, that is, what you think of you will dream at night during the day.In fact, dreams are their own subconscious, but dreams also have the function of predicting the future.Most of the time we sleep at night, but we will forget most of the dreams, and the more we think about it, the faster the faster.

Today we will introduce a dream, that is the dream of fetal. This dream mostly appears to be actively preparing for pregnancy. Women who want a child will also dream during pregnancy.Although from a scientific perspective, dreams do not have a great significance, but it is just some of the subconscious reactions in your own cerebral cortex. However, for many pregnant women or people who want children, the meaning of fetal dreams can be described as the meaning of fetal dreams.Significance.Some pregnant mothers even feel that such a dream is implying to her that God is passing information to her. Many netizens have shared their own stories about fetal dreams and their own. Let’s take a look at it together.

Netizens ugly said that she has been married for five years, but she has never conceived her child, but one day she dreamed that there was a very beautiful lotus flower in the small pond in her community at night, and there was a little boy in the middle of the lotus.When she walked over, the boy smiled at her, and picked her petals under the petals under her own. Sure enough, when she went to the hospital for examination a few days later, she was pregnant.This is also amazing. Is the petals of the lotus giving her a lotus in that dream?

Netizens said that she had a child before, but because she was too busy to go to work every day, and she didn’t even know that she was pregnant. When she was busy working overtime, the child had an unexpected abortion.She also suffered a lot of blows, and she cried in the quilt every night, but one night she had a dream, dreamed that a little boy came over to her, then patted her shoulder, and and and and and and and.She said that she wouldn’t be sad, and they would soon meet again.After a week, I went to the hospital for examination.Maybe that little boy is really the first child she doesn’t know she is pregnant?

Netizen Baozipu said that she has been married to her husband for a long time, and even the test tube has been done many times, but she has not succeeded, and naturally not pregnant.A lounge with a veil holding a willow branch, especially kindly to her that she was going to be pregnant. The next day, she told her husband that her husband also joked with her, but after going to the hospitalWhen she was really pregnant, she couldn’t help crying at the hospital.

Did you dream of what you dreamed when you are pregnant?

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