Women who want to have a bumper abortion due to the 6 weeks of pregnancy.

The cousin has been married for three years and has never wanted a child.There are many reasons. One is that after marriage, the two people borrowed a new house together, and the repayment pressure was relatively high. The other was that the husband and wife were now in their career rising. After negotiation, they wanted to regenerate their children a few years later.

There is also a reason that my cousin also mentioned it in private. She really dislikes children very much.Every time when the bear children from relatives came to the family, they jumped up and down, crying and crying always forced her to escape.

However, after the year of this year, the pressure on the parents of both sides was increasingly stressed, and the in -laws were even more ruthless.

The cousin was forced to be helpless and could only give up contraceptive measures.It didn’t take long for the cousin to be pregnant.

However, the nightmare also slowly kicked off.

During 3 weeks of pregnancy, the cousin’s pregnancy response was getting more and more intense.Spit everything, vomit from morning to night, and vomit even drinking water.

But for the children, my cousin can only tears while pushing her own to eat.By 6 weeks of pregnancy, 10 pounds were 10 pounds, and the hospital was required to be forced hospitalization to supplement nutritional solution.

What makes my cousin most unacceptable is that because of the fierce pregnancy reaction, I have suffered several overnight projects before they have to arrest them for other colleagues.

All the dislikes made the cousin more and more hate the child in the belly. She told her family that she wanted to kill the child, and she was not ready to have children.

The helpless family did not agree with her thoughts, saying that she was selfish and did not support her even her parents.The cousin asked me to tell me that I had been too painful every day. I worked hard for more than 20 years and worked hard.

The cousin asked me a question: "Don’t you need to prepare to give birth to give birth?"

I think she had her own answer when she asked me about this question.

Of course, the husband and wife need to be prepared to work together.

More importantly, as a woman, they have the right to know what fertility means what it means to them.More need to know what they are to bear, what sacrifice, and what they face.

Pregnancy and having children are not necessarily beautiful.

Some women in this world can go down all the way, and some women have to experience a thrilling nightmare from the beginning of pregnancy.

When a colleague was pregnant, the doctor said that she was too low and needed to stay in bed to protect the fetus.So she lay on the bed for 3 months, and she also had a tire -keeping needle for 3 months.

The buttocks become stiff and painful due to injections, with dense needle eyes on it.When I slept at night, my buttocks could not be in bed next to each other.

She was afraid that sleeping on her stomach would affect the development of the fetus, so she could only find a comfortable sleeping position every night.

Some people say that pregnancy is only an entry level of fertility. It is not until the moment of production, and it will start the real test.

Before the star Da S had revealed that when he had a second child, because of his physical body, he almost died on the operating table and was unconscious in the intensive care unit for 10 days before he woke up.

This is still the same, and ordinary people are more likely to enter a difficult situation.Just look at the documentary "Shengmen", and it is known that production is really a matter of half a foot entering the ghost gate.

In this documentary, we can see that those women who have survived the long pregnancy suffering, some women who lay on the bed were unable to see tomorrow.

Although today’s medical technology is increasingly progressive, don’t forget those crises and risks hiding in the dark at any time.

Woman, nothing is more valuable than your own life.So please consider it carefully, and then embark on the road to preparing for pregnancy.

After seeing life and death, it is the best respect and blessing to another new life.

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