Women’s chest itching is annoying?Grasp 5 incentives, it is not difficult to solve one by one

Breasts are not only the characteristics of women’s charm, but also the heavy responsibility of nurturing the next generation.After adolescence, breasts continue to develop, and generally can be set at about 20 years old.Breast skin is very sensitive, and it may be itchy for breasts. What is going on?

1. In adolescence

Adolescence is the golden period of secondary sexual development, the height is growing rapidly, and the reproductive organs will gradually develop and mature.At this stage, the breast protrusion, the initial menstrual tide, and the sound of the sound became thinner, affected by the fluctuations of estrogen and progesterone in the body, the chest constantly developing, and the nipples will also secrete matter. This is normal.However, not paying attention to hygiene. Wearing too tight underwear will make a large amount of bacteria grow and grow, which will cause itching of breasts.

2. During pregnancy

After pregnancy, the breasts are developed secondary, and the breasts are prepared for breastfeeding.The above changes will stimulate the endings and make the breast conscious itching.Especially in the middle and late pregnancy nipples, it can stimulate the nipples and does not replace underwear or wipe in time, which can cause local itching sensation.

3. Don’t pay attention to hygiene

Women do not replace underwear in time and do not clean their breasts in time, which will cause a large amount of bacteria to breed and cause itching of breasts.Choosing inferior underwear will cause breasts to be in a wet and humid environment, causing local itching.On the contrary, some women are too clean, and they repeatedly clean the breasts with high cleaning products every day. This will destroy the breast skin oil layer and affect the local normal physiological needs.

4. Breast eczema

The skin around the breast is not in place or excessive cleaning, and wearing underwear discomfort can cause breast eczema, pimples or redness and swelling around the breast, accompanied by severe itching.When scratching it by hand, the skin can be damaged, causing erosion and exudate, especially the itching symptoms when sweating.

5. Divericate breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most dangerous disease of the breast. Patients can have painless lumps in the breast. When touching it by hand, it can touch the hard and irregular lumps.When breast cancer develops to a certain degree, the nipples have burning sensation, nipple discharge, orange skin -like changes in skin, and accompanied by abnormal itching.

Kind tips

Breast itching is not produced for no reason. The cause needs to be found in time, and then treats symptomatic.Try to choose cotton underwear, change the underwear once a day and place it under the sun.If the breast itching is severe and the nipples are overflow, and there are liquids, you need to go to the hospital for a breast X -ray examination in time to eliminate the possibility of cancer.

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Reference information: "Serious face: women’s" chest "itchy, common causes of these four causes, not necessarily diseases", say health, 2020-05-03

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