Women’s chest pain repeatedly?Most of them are related to these factors, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible!

Many women often have chest pain in life.Especially when sleeping on his stomach, because your chest is oppressed, there will be a certain pain when you wake up.

However, chest pain caused by this factors will soon be relieved, and as long as you pay attention to taking the correct sleeping position, chest pain will not occur.If you still have repeated chest pain after excluding this factors, it is generally related to the following factors, you may wish to see it!

What are the causes of chest pain?

1. Early periodic syndrome

Before menstruation, the hormone level in women’s body will change greatly, which will cause women’s breasts to be stimulated to a certain extent.It will cause repeated pain in the breasts of women, and it will also be accompanied by headache, emotional irritability, irritability, difficulty in concentration, and waist and abdomen pain.

Especially for young women around 25, this phenomenon will be very common.

Second, breast hyperplasia

For women between 30 and 50 years old, if there is repeated pain in the chest, there are some cables or granular nodules in the breast, and the phenomenon of nipples is accompanied by nipples.It is generally related to breast hyperplasia.

After suffering from breast hyperplasia, the patient’s breast part will have repeated pain, especially in about three days before the physiological period, this kind of chest pain will be obvious.After menstruation, the symptoms of chest pain will quickly relieve or disappear.

Third, mastitis

Especially for women in breastfeeding, if chest pain occurs, it is generally caused by mastitis.

After suffering from mastitis, the patient’s breast area will have very obvious pain and tenderness, and the temperature of the breast skin will also increase.There will be some very obvious hard constraints in the breast, and the pain will be very serious when touching.

If it belongs to acute mastitis, the phenomenon of chest pain will be particularly serious, and it will also be accompanied by fever, physical fatigue, headache, and underarm lymph nodes.

Fourth, late breast cancer

If women suffer from breast cancer, there will be no pain in early in the early days.However, with the gradual development of the condition, tumors in the breast will cause compression or infiltration symptoms, causing pain in the chest.

If there is a thoracic to metastasis in the cancer cells, chest pain will be particularly serious.Patients are generally accompanied by a series of symptoms such as very obvious breast skin changes, nipples, breast masses, and underarms lymph nodes.

5. Early pregnancy symptoms

In the early stages of pregnancy, many women will repeatedly swelling and pain on their chests.Because the secretion of estrogen hormone in women’s body will be very strong, the development of breast vascular and bubbles of breast glandular glandular vascular and breasts will grow their breasts.In this way, there will be a certain pain in women’s chest.

If chest pain caused by pregnancy, then it is generally accompanied by a series of early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting, rapid appetite, or excessive physical strength, emotional changes, and lethargy.feel.

All in all, if chest pain often occurs, it is generally related to the above five factors.Excluding natural physiological factors, if you are accompanied by some other discomfort symptoms, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment quickly.

Then, according to the cause of chest pain, it is given scientific and standardized treatment, and the adjustment of all aspects of life can be given to the greatest extent to ensure their own health.

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