Women’s desires are getting stronger and stronger, maybe these diseases are "dysfunction"

There are always female friends around her complaining that her husband always pushes three obstacles when he thinks about his special thought.

I don’t know if there are female friends who have such experience?One month will always have a few days when desires are particularly strong.

If you get it, family peace will sometimes cause a quarrel.

In general, when it comes to sex, the concept of the public considers that men are more active, and they will also say that men are lustful.

As a woman rarely take the initiative, she may not easily reveal her true thoughts because of shyness.

But why are it okay? Special days are more and more desire. Is there any condition in the body?

Take these questions to find out the reasons with Xiaobian!

In fact, no matter whether it is a man or a woman, there is sexual needs, so how does desire generate?Have you studied it?

In the final analysis, desire is an instinctual and physiological needs of people, or desire exists in every life.

The source of desire has the influencing factors of innate and acquired. Here I will briefly introduce everyone.

There are also many factors that affect desire. Here I simply introduce several factors to you-family genetic, age, living habits, hormone secretion, and so on.

First of all, the genetic factors are the influence of parents or families between the two parties. Some people are born with strong desires than others, while some people have no desire.

Therefore, this kind of innate things are not easy to change, but through the acquired study, you can also manually control your needs and hobbies.

Looking at the age factors, most men are the strongest desire when they are 18 to 25 years old.

This is also the "thirty like wolf, forty like tigers", who is usually talking about, is not a joke, but a basis.

According to living habits, people who often exercise their bodies are often stronger than those who are lazy and drinking and smoking.

Every day, living tiger, good body will make desire more breeding.

The stress conference leads to absent -mindedness, and they can’t be interested in everything. Moreover, alcoholic and smoking people will also affect the quality of sperm due to the perennial alcohol and nicotine.

Therefore, maintaining a good mentality and healthy living habits also have a great impact on desire.

The last thing to talk about is the highlight, the level of hormone secretion, and the amount of hormone secretion directly affects the desire of the human body.

After entering the adolescence, men’s reproductive organs will begin to secrete androgen. At this time, it is the most powerful sexual desire.

Everyone’s vitality and physical fitness at this age are also different. Men’s functions in all aspects of youth are at its peak.

During this period, the level of men’s androgens in 24 hours a day is changing, so how do men almost think about what men think from morning to night.

Although women also secrete estrogen, they are not as strong as men, and hormone fluctuations are not so frequent.

Women mature early, but hormone secretion is still balanced when young. After 30 years of age, hormone secretion in the body sometimes imbalances.

But why do you have a strong desire for so many days?It is because of menstruation.

Usually women’s estrogen will reach the lowest secretion level before menstruation, which is time to be desire.

But the desire value of the desire at 7-8 days before and after ovulation reached its peak.

Another example is that ofrogen, in fact, there are a small amount ofrogen in women’s body. Under normal circumstances, the level ofrogen levels usually maintain a certain balance with estrogen.

For women, estrogen androgens are important hormones for regulating female sexual function.

Therefore, no matter which estrogen orrogens are at a high level, women will enter a state of strong desire.

Women usually show strong desires in 7-8 days before and after ovulation and before and after menstruation.

At this time, female friends should not be nervous or anxious and scientific cognition.

Under normal circumstances, women’s desires are relatively strong before and after menstruation. At this time, they can’t help asking for lover, but is this really okay?

Although there is no clear ban on the same room during the menstrual period, it is recommended that you do not have the same room during menstruation to restrain the desire. At this time, male friends need to care more about women’s health.

During the menstruation, her cervix was open. At this time, the endometrium of women was damaged. Without any safety barrier, the reproductive system was a relatively fragile and sensitive period.

Women in menstrual period have low immunity, and there are blood in the private parts. If at this time, there is no barrier filtering, and bacterial invasion will greatly increase the risk of women suffering from gynecological diseases.

Secondly, for women who have dysmenorrhea, the behavior of the same room may increase uterine contraction, which will lead to more serious physiological pain.

For male friends, the bloody picture is not so acceptable.

Therefore, I recommend that the majority of couples and couples still be patient during menstruation. If you must have the same room, you must also do a good job of cleaning before and afterwards to ensure that it is foolproof.

And even the usual husband and wife life must pay attention to hygiene before and afterwards. Male compatriots must pay attention to the cleanliness of the younger brother and be responsible for his other half.

The above is the needs of men and women in the normal range, so you must pay attention to excessive desire. It may be that your body has a small condition.

1. Menopausal syndrome

We are no strangers for the term menopause. Generally, we are mostly used for middle -aged women. When emotional instability, we will tease whether you are in advance.

But do you know?When the desire is too large, the irritability may be caused by menopause.

Menopausal is a must -have stage for each woman. Some people’s situations will be light and heavy, just like adolescence in the school days, it is inevitable.

Menopausal manifestations are usually too much or decreased in estrogen secretion in ovarian ovarian, but the secretion of pituitary gland promoting gonad hormone has increased.

Therefore, some women will have too strong desire during this period. If they are not satisfied, they will also cause symptoms of mania and anxiety.

2. Brain disease

Most of the behavior and thoughts of a person are controlled by the brain. If the brain parts are damaged, the consequences are terrible.

When the center of the brain and the hypothalamus, the lesions of the brain may affect the disease of the gland.

There is a condition in the gonad, which causes the body to release too much gonad hormone after being stimulated, which will cause hyperthyroidism.

3. Thyroid disease

Friends with thyroid disease around them will understand that their emotions are often more unstable than normal people.

Here can also be referred to as hyperthyroidism. The metabolism speed of hyperthyroidism is faster than the average person. This is caused by the large number of thyroid hormones secreted in their bodies.

In addition to their daily performance, patients with hyperthyroidism are stronger than the desires of ordinary people.

4. Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is very unfriendly for women, and women with this type of disease are relatively low.

Although this disease is risky infertility, it is very excited in terms of sexual desire.

The above four situations are definitely not alarmist. If you find that you have always been in a state of desire, you still have to pay attention to it and seek medical treatment in time.

Excessive indulgence will hurt the body, and excessive sexual life will make people feel mentally sluggish. This aspect is not just that men need to pay attention, and girls also have to restrain.

How to deal with when desire is too busy?Don’t worry, follow the editor to look down.

Single friends when they want to be unbearable can also masturbate appropriately.

Scientific masturbation methods can satisfy our own desires and solve needs, but in this process, we must pay attention to hygiene and privacy.

Secondly, the brain is used more, the more flexible the head, the more flexible, and the more effective to transfer your attention.Increase brain activity, reduce physiological and heart energy, and reduce performance energy.

Putting more attention on your career and socializing, and going out with friends not only increase friendship, but also relax your mood.

When you are bored, you can read more books and learn some professional functions. You can also enrich your career to his career.

Outstanding partners who are optimistic about the outside world will also make us release.The premise is the other half where you are legally or are interested in marriage. Do not have illegal acts.

Or you can usually travel and camped with your family, and the consumption of physical fitness will also reduce the generation of desire.

In terms of medication, some men may take some drugs in order to increase sex. This is very disliked. Long -term medication will affect the health of the body.

Has desire is the common sense of people. You must face your own desires. Female friends don’t have to be too shy. There are always a few days a month.

After reading this article, I believe you will also understand why you have a strong desire and weakness. This is unavailable. It is normal for us to have too much intervention.

Unless your situation reaches an unprepared stage, every day is excited and desire is getting stronger and stronger, you must consider whether the above situations have the above situations.

It is really affected by the disease, and the medical treatment in time also gives you peace of mind.

Facing your sexual desire correctly, you cannot excessively suppress your emotions, learn to use healthy and ethical and moral norms to avoid trouble and distress to future life.

I hope that every female compatriot is healthy and happy with her lover!Is it related to understanding sexual desire now?What other questions can be hit in the comment area ~

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