Women’s eyeballs are removed, which is actually a calamity of hemorrhoids!


"Ten people nine hemorrhoids"

Hemorrhoids are a very common disease

Many people have also had

Feeling a small problem

But do you know?


As a result, the left eyeball is removed!

Ms. Xia (pseudonym) in Xiangxi, Hunan said that she has been plagued by hemorrhoids in recent years. Hemorrhoids have been committed again at the beginning of February this year, and she also has perianal pain and blood in the stool.

Based on previous experience, Ms. Xia purchased the drugs on the Internet for treating hemorrhoids on the Internet. I did not expect that she was even more serious. At the same time, she found her left eye swelling and discomfort and difficulty in opening her eyes.

Ms. Xia didn’t think much at the time, thinking that she hadn’t rest well, and staying up late caused her eyes to be uncomfortable.

It was not until half a month ago that Ms. Xia found that her left eye secretion increased, accompanied by pus, and blurred vision, so she went to Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital for treatment.

According to the hospital, it was diagnosed with purulent aids, eyeball perforation, and lung abscess of the left eye. After a standardized anti -infection treatment, Ms. Xia had to undergo a left -eye removal surgery.

Recently, Ms. Xia was discharged from the hospital smoothly. When she recalled this experience, she regretted it. "I did not expect that the small hemorrhoids brought such serious consequences. She should go to the hospital early to treat it."

Chen Hairing, director of the Department of Infectious Department of Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, introduced that Ms. Xia’s eye abscess and lung abscess comes from hemorrhoids. This is because after the hemorrhoids occur, the blood vessel wall of the internal hemorrhoids is ruptured and bleeding.Bacteria, bacteria grow in the eyes and lungs, cause eye abscess and lung abscess.

Doctors remind that bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites can cause systemic infection or even purulent disease. It is rare that Ms. Xia causes intraocular inflammation, eye breaks and even blindness.At the same time, for patients with hemorrhoids, when a hemorrhoids occur, do not blindly take medicine, but should seek medical treatment in time to avoid irreversible consequences.

I did not expect that hemorrhoids would be so dangerous

Who is easy to get hemorrhoids?

What are the dangers?

Sitting for a long time

Sitting for a long time will affect the blood flow of the rectal vein, aggravate the state of the anus, and then induce hemorrhoids.

People who have a long time of toilet

Keeping the toilet posture for a long time will increase the internal pressure of the abdomen, leading to poor blood flow from the rectal vein, and increasing the risk of hemorrhoids.

"Eat" crowd

If you eat barbecue, fried, and high -fat foods for a long time, it is easy to make the feces dry and cause hemorrhoids.

Those who have long -term drinking and spicy and unhappy are also prone to hemorrhoids.


Women’s pelvic biological anatomy structure determines that women’s anus rectal needs to bear greater pressure than men.Moreover, the volume of the uterus during pregnancy has increased, which further increases abdominal pressure; coupled with decreased activity during pregnancy, weakening gastrointestinal peristalsis, and easy constipation.

Therefore, women, especially women during pregnancy, have higher risk of hemorrhoids.


Because hemorrhoids are often manifested as blood in the stool, long -term blood loss can lead to iron deficiency anemia.

Local/systemic infection

Internal hemorrhoids are removed formed, which is prone to edema, necrosis, and infection.Hemorrhoids can easily cause perianal abscess and anal fistula when repeated attacks.For women, it is also easy to infect the vaginal port and cause gynecological inflammation.

There are even systemic infections, causing purulent disease.

Psychological problem

Hemorrhoids grow in human privacy parts, which will cause itching such as perianal itching. Many people are very concerned about the condition but it is difficult to open up, which can easily cause psychological burden.

First of all, the occurrence of hemorrhoids is related to human life and eating habits. Relying on surgical resection alone does not achieve the ideal effect.Therefore, patients with hemorrhoids are not recommended in the early stage.

When hemorrhoids are asymptomatic, doctors do not need to intervene. As long as patients need to strengthen local care and change bad living habits to alleviate.

When hemorrhoids have blood in the stool and out of the stool, but the symptoms are mild, conservative treatment should be based on conservative treatment.While improving lifestyle habits, drugs such as hemorrhoid paste and hemorrhoid emboli can be used; or simple outpatient treatment can be performed in the hospital.

If hemorrhoids have severe itching and pain, and conservative treatment and outpatient treatment cannot be relieved, at this time, surgery is needed.Therefore, prevention is more important than surgery for hemorrhoids.

The best prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids is to adjust the lifestyle. Most mild hemorrhoids can be healed by changing lifestyle.

Balanced diet

Eat less fried, spicy foods, and less contact with tobacco and alcohol.Increase the intake of cellulose, eat more fruits and vegetables, increase gastrointestinal motility, and prevent constipation.

Improve the habit of defecation

The more suitable bowel frequency is 1 to 2 times a day, and the defecation time is best controlled within 5 minutes. Try not to exceed 10 minutes. Be careful not to excessively force. Then wipe it with soft toilet paper to avoid damage to the perianal skin.

Regular exercise

Avoid sitting for a long time in work and life to actively exercise.

keep clean

Frequently clean the anus and change the underwear frequently.

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Source: Jingshi Health Home

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