Women’s health | When HPV meets pregnancy, what should I do?

With the launch of the HPV vaccine in the past two years, the topic of HPV and cervical cancer is almost bad, but everyone still has many questions about HPV, such as: HPV positive will it develop into cervical cancer?I am now HPV -positive, can I vaccinate vaccine?What is the impact of infection with HPV pregnancy?Can I continue to vaccinate the HPV vaccine when I am pregnant …

So what is the HPV that scares women?

Human nipple virus (HPV) is a dual -chain ring -shaped DNA virus that can attract the scale epithelium of the skin and mucous membrane of human skin.To date, more than 100 HPV genotypes have been confirmed, of which more than 40 are related to human reproductive tract infections. Different types do not cause different clinical manifestations.

At present, the HPV infection rate of women in my country is about 16.8%, and 70%~ 80%of women have infected at least once in their lives. Most HPV infections are temporary. The average duration is 8 to 12 months, so most of the reproductive tract HPV infections are excessive and have no clinical symptoms.About 90%of HPV infections have faded within 2 years. The low -risk HPV takes 5 to 6 months, and the high -risk HPV takes 8 to 24 months. There are very few reproductive tract condyloma acuminatum, scales, and cancer.

What should I do when HPV infected people are pregnant?Is it going to affect the fetus?Let’s take a look at the detailed answers to HPV and pregnancy in the Medical Consultant Group of the Chitu Maternal and Baby Life Research Institute.

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After reading Professor Chen Min’s explanation, do you have a new understanding of HPV?It turns out that HPV infection will not affect the growth and development of the fetus, nor will it cause teratogenic.Studies have shown that the reproductive tract HPV infection does not increase the occurrence of adverse pregnancy ending, termination of pregnancy and abortion rate, premature fetal membrane, premature birth, limited fetal growth, neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, postpartum bleeding, puerperium infection, etc.The incidence.Although HPV is a common virus infection, it can be transmitted directly or indirectly through the skin-skin, but most of them can be cleared by themselves. As long as you usually pay attentionEssence

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