Women’s online real name reports the captain of the traffic police officer non -marriage and child, traffic police brigade: investigating, the police police have been suspended

Recently, a real name of a woman in Yongcheng, Henan, reported on the Internet, the captain of the city’s traffic police brigade, Su Moumou’s "non -marriage and child", etc.Su Moumou has been suspended, and the relevant departments of Yongcheng are investigating the matter.

Ms. Cheng is from Yongcheng City (county -level city) in Shangqiu City, Henan Province. She is 37 years old.On the morning of February 2nd, Ms. Cheng told the reporter of the China Business Daily about her reporting from Su Moumou.

Ms. Cheng introduced that Su Moumou was the captain of a squadron of the traffic police brigade of the Yongcheng Public Security Bureau. One day in the second half of 2017, the two met at a meal of a friend.At that time, Su Moumou said that he had a bad relationship with his wife, and Ms. Cheng was not a matter of being a single.Soon, Su Moumou told Ms. Cheng that he had divorced his wife and wanted to deal with Ms. Cheng and marry, and Ms. Cheng agreed.

In early 2018, Ms. Cheng found that she was pregnant."After I told Su Moumou, he didn’t plan to marry me at all. He also said that the child was not him, let me look at it." Ms. Cheng was very angry, but there was no way."My body is not very good, and the resistance and immunity are poor. The doctor suggested that I give birth to this child, otherwise I may not be able to do my mother in the future." After listening to the serious consequences of the doctor, Ms. Cheng decided to give birth to the child to give birth to the child.And told Su Moumou that if he does not believe that the child is him, he can wait for the child to be given a parent -child identification.

Ms. Cheng said that although Su Moumou admitted that her child was his, she did not advocate that she gave birth to a child. Therefore, when Ms. Cheng insisted on giving birth to a child, "Su Moumou deleted my WeChat and the phone was black.I want to break the contact with me. "

Ms. Cheng said that her daughter is almost two and a half years old, and Su Moumou still does not ask the child

In October 2018, Ms. Cheng’s daughter was born.

"After her daughter was born, Su Moumou had never bought toys and clothes for her children regardless of asking." Ms. Cheng said that after the child was born, a series of issues followed: "First of all, the child’s support fee has become a problem.With my meager income, it is not enough to raise my children; and then I have children without getting married, and the name is unknown.

Ms. Cheng said that when the child was born, the pressure of public opinion and her heart collapsed her spirit. "But whenever she saw innocent children, she could only grit her teeth and tolerate tears.Buying milk powder and daily necessities is extremely difficult to live. "

Due to the thin body and poor resistance, Ms. Cheng’s daughter had several illnesses. After several operations, Ms. Cheng was unable to bear huge surgical costs."At that time, because I couldn’t contact Su Moumou, when I was in a way, I went to the unit of Su Moumou to find him with a sick child. I hope he can help me go to the hospital to see the child." Ms. Cheng did not expectThe reason is that after arriving in Su Moumou, Su Moumou insulted her loudly, and mocked and humiliated her in front of colleagues in the unit.Ms. Cheng had no choice but to return to the child who was crying and hugged the sick.

Ms. Cheng said that she was injured by Su Moumou

Ms. Cheng said that in July 2020, in helplessness, she went to the traffic police brigade of the Yongcheng Public Security Bureau of Su Moumou many times to seek help, hoping that Su Moumou’s leaders would mediate the child’s support fee and let SuShe helped her, but she was responsible for her child, but there was no result.

Ms. Cheng recalled that on November 2, 2020, she tried to find Su Moumou at the highway intersection of Yongcheng Station. At that time, Su Moumou drove back from the traffic police squadron to the city."I got on his car, sat on the co -pilot, and discussed the problem of the child’s support and support for his child. Without a few words, he began to abuse me …Ms. Cheng said, because her young children needed her to take care of her, she had to go home first.Later, she reported the case at the police station.

In November and December 2020, Ms. Cheng once again found the Yongcheng Public Security Bureau on the child’s support fee. He hoped that the Public Security Bureau would be coordinated and coordinated, but there was no result.During this period, Ms. Cheng also reflected to the Yongcheng Discipline Inspection Commission."Su Moumou’s attitude still does not want to care about it." Ms. Cheng said that under her hard begging, Su Moumou gave the child a part of living expenses, but compared with the child’s surgical and living expensesEssence

Ms. Cheng’s real -name report post

Ms. Cheng said that for more than two years, she has been seeking to negotiate with Su Moumou to solve the problem, but she has not had a result.In desperation, she had to report on the Internet recently.

Ms. Cheng said in the report letter: Because she went to Su Moumou to report the problem many times, Su Moumou said more than once that if Ms. Cheng went to the unit to find a leader, she sent them the videos of them together.On the Internet, Ms. Cheng shame.

Ms. Cheng said that after she deceived Su Moumou’s feelings and the fact that they had children between the two of them, the relevant departments responded to the state of divorce during the relationship between Su Moumou and Ms. Cheng.After breaking up with Ms. Cheng, Su Moumou remarried with his ex -wife.Ms. Cheng did not accept this.

"In retrospect, Su Moumou had no intention during his relationship with me." Ms. Cheng recalled that when she was with Su Moumou, Su Moumou always asked her to put her bag, jacket and mobile phone outside.Let her enter the house, causing a lot of evidence that she cannot save."If it’s just a simple relationship, why did Su Moumou have such anomal move?"

"My real name publicly reports Su Moumou, I hope the relevant departments will investigate the matter thoroughly, and I will be fair with my child." Ms. Cheng said.

Ms. Cheng said that after she reported on the Internet in real name, on February 1, the relevant person in charge of the Traffic Police Brigade of the Yongcheng Public Security Bureau told her that Su Moumou had been suspended, and the public security organs were currently investigating the matter.

Does Ms. Cheng report whether it is true?On February 2nd, a reporter from the China Business Daily repeatedly contacted Su Moumou, and no one answered the phone on the phone, and there was no reply to text messages.On the morning of the same day, in an interview with the China Commercial Daily reporter, the relevant person in charge of the Traffic Police Brigade of the Yongcheng Public Security Bureau said that everything could not be listened to the words.The facts will definitely find out. "

The person in charge also said that at present, the Yongcheng Public Security Bureau has come up with his opinion on Su Moumou’s stop. Su Moumou has suspended his office.plan.

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