Women’s pregnancy was disfigured by her husband’s first love, and after many years, the woman concealed it after the plastic surgery …

After many years, a woman concealed her identity and returned to revenge.

Uncle, I can’t hold it anymore.Uncle, let you bully Mommy, so that you don’t want us.Let me give you a small lesson today.Then our accounts slowly calculated. Billion presidents helped the little boy to pull the zipper. It turned out that the little boy was the son of the president. All of this was to help his mother.

The woman who was pregnant a year ago told her husband who wanted to tell her good news, but saw that she had a heart -making woman for a production inspection. Why are you here?Why am I here?You accompany your first love for pregnancy, and ask me how to deliberately pretend to run out of poorly here.The man also warned his wife and warned you that the child in the poor stomach was my Ye’s bone blood. If there was any loss, I would pay back your life.At this moment, she noticed the checklist on the wife’s hand. When she was pregnant, do you care?I tell you, I am also dignified.From now on, the two of us have nothing to do.Tell you that this child is going to leave it for me, this is my child, it has nothing to do with you.

The heart -making woman called the man and said that he wanted to commit suicide. Seeing that the man was so worried about other women, his wife was so cold.The wife wanted to leave the divorce agreement to fulfill them, but unexpectedly, they were abducted by the person sent by the woman. The elder sister, everything was done, very good.After sending these photos to the Internet for a while, I don’t believe that the green hat is on the head, and Nanxing will bite.Remember to deal with everything, to burn her in this room cruelly.Tiannanxian, I hate you, you don’t even let go of your own biological and flesh.If there is a next life, I will also let you try the pain of being killed by the beloved.Fortunately, they were eventually rescued by kind people, but men thought that his wife was dead.After seven years of treatment, the woman finally recovered and changed her face.

At this time, the man’s company was facing a crisis. Urgently needed to recruit a top designer to restore the situation, but what he did not expect was the world’s top designer Catherine.Wife who died.The purpose of a woman’s return this time is to make those who hurt themselves pay the price.This is the legend of Ye Nanxi in my daddy, oh mommy, my stomach hurts, I want to go to the toilet, I go with you.Without Mommy, I can’t hold it anymore, you are waiting for me, I will come back in a while.The two collided again, so that the man had a feeling of knowing each other in an instant."I’m sorry I didn’t see you just now, so you call me, I buy a new one for you, no need, just a suit." I am curious, if you know that I am the designer you asked forWhat kind of mood is it?

Later, the man met his son in the bathroom, and made his son play a play: "Can you help me help me? My pants are stuck in the zipper, can you help me open it? How old is you, how old is it,Does your mother buy you such pants? I’m six years old, it’s a big boy. "" Okay, my uncle, I can’t hold it. "Children peeing, this matter is not allowed to say, including your mommy. "But men didn’t think much, after all, they were just a child.

However, when the little boy returned home, he found that his father had a child who was four months older than himself and bullied Mummy. It seems that the punishment given to him at the airport is still a bit smaller.The angry little boy then put the wonderful video on a large website, and the man was suddenly burnt by the overwhelming news.At the same time, his wife also started his revenge plan: it was also written in the south for seven years, and it was time for you to pay the price.

Next, see how a woman fights back to revenge for herself.Click on the lower left corner of the video to continue watching the wonderful follow -up.

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