Women’s private parts are dark and have more sexual life?Need to deal with it?Don’t be "brainwashed" anymore

The current network really sells anxiety, grasping some people’s shortcomings and defects to make people anxious, and then sell their products.

This method is really common.

Especially for women, figure, appearance, age, etc., just take it out and expand, it is easy to make women feel that they are not as good as others.

Not beautiful enough, not enough, not good enough, and even the private parts have been evaluated.

It is considered that the color is "experienced a lot", nicknamed "black fungus"; and the light is a manifestation of immature and purity.

In this case, many women can’t help but estimate whether the color below is "qualified".

If you cannot meet a standard, you will blindly want to change, and some IQ tax products will pay a lot of people.

Many women have spent a lot of unnecessary money for this, and they are unnecessary.

In fact, this statement is completely unreasonable.

Not only will it mislead women, but also misleading men. Using an unreasonable standard to judge their lover is also an unnecessary damage to intimacy.

In fact, the color of the private parts is determined by many factors, and there is no connection with how many sexual life experience. Let’s take a look.

Just as everyone’s skin tone is different, the quality of the skin is different, the skin in the private parts is the same, and the condition of each person is different.

People with white skin are often whiter to private parts, but after all, we are not white people. As yellow Asians, the skin background color is deeper.

You can look at the skin color of our fingers, knees, and elbows, which is deeper on the basis.

The same principle is also the same. The color of the private parts is the color of the skin. It is the yellow skin color of Asians. It is impossible to make the white and pink touted by the marketing number.

At the same time, the private parts are similar to the turning point of the human body structure of the elbows and knees. The skin color is slightly deeper than most of the skin.

Everyone is like this, which is very normal.

With the increase of age, the color of the private parts will naturally deepen.

Some women will find that they have not done anything for a while, but the color changes inexplicably, and they may even be afraid of annoyance.

In fact, this is unnecessary. Women must correctly understand and accept their bodies. The judgment from the perspective of men is a kind of oppression and unreasonable trouble.

As long as it does not endanger health, this phenomenon is normal, just look at it.

This change process has no direct relationship with the "experience" mentioned earlier, and is more related to pigmentation, hormone levels, pregnancy, etc.

Many people will find that some people’s mouths, eyes and other places will have some darkest areas, and they seem to be dirty.

But it is actually not dirty, but the pigment accumulation in the skin.

Some people’s physique is determined. In some places, it is particularly easy to pile up and the corners of the mouth.

Some people have been dull since they were young, and there is no way.

And our private parts are also very easy to accumulate.

Generally speaking, melanin deposition can cause local skin to blacken.

Skin melanin is a black particles that exist in cells, forming the black body of pigment cells.

Some substances will eventually form melanin after being catalyzed by enzymes.

Therefore, melanin is produced by human cells itself, not formed by the long -term "accumulation" of external dirt, nor is it caused by the accumulation of "dead skin" of cells.

In essence, turning black is because of the melanin accumulation inside the cells, and the amount of quantity changes produces quality, making the surface of the skin look darker.

The causes of melanin are diverse. The most obvious is ultraviolet radiation, which is what we usually say "sunny."

At first, the skin will become red, but after a few days, the skin will start to become red.

The reason here is caused by melanin, and melanin will be generated in large quantities under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays.

However, the skin was sunburned at that time, and it would not immediately turn black. After a period of time, melanin continued to generate, and the skin became black.

In fact, melanin is not a "bad thing", but the "good thing" of the skin.

Although melanin is not popular in terms of visual aesthetics, it is indeed a real skin umbrella, otherwise someone will go to "black".

At the scientific level, melanin helps the skin to resist the damage of ultraviolet rays, which will largely reduce the risk of cancer due to ultraviolet rays.

Therefore, compared to black people, white people have a greater chance of suffering from cancer.

However, the skin caused by short -term ultraviolet irradiation can generally recover in the short term, and it will not always be dark.

However, for our private parts, it does not seem to have ultraviolet irradiation factors, but it will still become black caused by pigment accumulation. In fact, there are other factors in the four.

Women’s menstrual period is a very special period. During this time, the sex hormone secretion in the body is more secreted, and the lutein in the body makes endocrine easily disorders.

The increase in estrogen secretion can promote the production of melanin.

Therefore, even if there is no sexual life, pigmentation of private parts is inevitable.

There are different accumulation according to different constitutions of each person, which is also a normal physiological process. It is difficult to sophisticated deeper or shallower.

During the process of pregnancy, a large amount of progesterone and estrogen will produce in the body, which will inevitably cause some pigment deposition.

Regardless of private parts, the stretch marks on the stomach of the pregnant woman during pregnancy are also the result of pigmentation.

After the production is completed, the pigment stacking stacking stacking stacking stacking stacking stacking stacking lines on the belly is also inevitable, and it is the same as the pigmentation of the private parts.

The degree of pigmentation will cause some differences due to different personal constitution.

Some people care very carefully during pregnancy to reduce pigmentation, but in the end there will still be stretch marks.

Some people have rarely cared for during pregnancy, and there is no obvious pattern leftover after the production, or it will subscribe to themselves soon.

The color of the private part is also a reason. Some people leave pigment accumulation because of pregnancy or hormone, but it is difficult to digest due to physical reasons, so it has been dull

Some people are metabolized quickly, and even if there are too many long -term pigment deposition even after production, this is a matter of less human intervention.

Some women may worry that they will have gynecological diseases and pay great attention to the protection and cleaning of their private parts.

At present, there are a lot of cleaning liquid on the private parts on the market, and the quality of quality is different, but it is another long -term process if there is a problem with the private parts, which is difficult to find.

In order to give users a more intuitive feeling, many cleaning agents may put some unnecessary ingredients in, which makes the private parts feel cool and dry after cleaning.

However, in fact, the private part has its own flora balance, and there is a certain pH value, and the washing solution can easily destroy this balance.

Some alkaline lotion can lead to increased melanin accumulation in private parts.

Cleaning the fungus and pH, but the environment of the four out of four, the color was also damaged, it can be described as a loss.

Therefore, there are generally no problems without itching and odor for private parts, and do not need to be overly cleaned.

Some diseases also cause increasing melanin deposits of human skin.

Not only the private parts, it may be more dull and dull.

Generally speaking, this disease includes thyroid disease, decreased adrenal cortical function, and some liver disease diseases, which will also cause the color of the private parts to deepen.

In fact, it can be seen that some endocrine disorders can cause dull skin.

When the eyes are black, the skin, such as dead ash, joint skin, and other symptoms, you can probably judge the health of a person.

In this case, in fact, no matter what the color of the private part is, it is not suitable for sexual life.

The benefits of the skin have been said too much.

If you sleep earlier every day, you will obviously feel that your skin is better after a while.

Staying up late and the irregular impact on the skin is very heavy, as well as the private parts.

Large stress, less vitamin intake, insufficient sleep, etc., will cause irregular metabolism of the skin, and also increase the production and accumulation of melanin.

This is the same in private.

Generally speaking, from 10 pm to 6 am is the best time to metabolize.

If you want to maintain your private parts, life is healthy and the most important and fundamental.

Finally, the mental stress that is always talking.

Human brain is divided into three brain, the first brain controls biological instincts, the second brain controls sexual desire, and the third brain controls neurological laws.

If the pituitary gland under the third brain cannot operate properly, it will increase the secretion of hormones and further lead to increased melanin secretion.

Of course, these three brains are interconnected.

If the mental stress is too large, it will directly affect the third brain if it cannot be adjusted, and affect melanin secretion;

The other two brains related to dinner and sexual desire also have an impact on the third brain;

The health of the body will also affect the mental condition.

Therefore, if you want to keep the pigment secretion normally, the most important thing is to improve the first and second brain to protect the third brain.

In summary, the color of the private parts will really be affected by various factors.

The protection and cleaning of the private parts are also in place. If you want to clean the private parts more exquisitely, generally use warm water every day, and the drugs and detergents are not used.

However, if there are itching and odor in the private parts, you must go to the hospital for examination, and cooperate with the doctor’s advice to choose the choice of drugs and solution.

For the care of the private parts, it is not necessary to have a very extreme pursuit. After all, individuals have a personal life.

In this case, you can consult the regular medical beauty. Note that it must be a regular medical beauty.

The treatment of private parts should still be cautious. For some unconventional small clinics, it is difficult to avoid difficulty sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV. Do not pick up watermelon and lose sesame seeds.

Accepting your body is still the best choice. The health of your body will always be the first place. The health is beautiful.

For anxiety, comparison, or satisfying the expectations of the other half to risk risks and knives, it is still not worth it.

If you want the color of the private parts, the best way is to maintain a regular schedule. There is a healthy metabolic system.

In this way, whether it is the dull skin brought by the disease or the color of the melanin accumulation, it can be avoided to a certain extent.

There is a healthy metabolic system, and the metabolism of melanin will also be accelerated.

Even for some reasons, the color of the private parts can change, and the melanin can be metabolized in a short time to restore the original state.

At the same time, endocrine will also be more coordinated, and the secretion of sex hormones will be more stable and healthy, which is equivalent to ensuring the health of private parts from multiple aspects.

Health is the most beautiful. Love your own body, pay attention to the inner health, and don’t blindly pursue the beauty of the form of the form. I hope everyone will encourage it.

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