Women’s vulva swollen a large bag, which is painful and difficult to walk. What is going on?

Before starting this article, what we need to understand is what is vestibular gland?

The vestibular gland is also called the Pakistan glands. It is located on the back of the large labia on both sides of the woman.When other cases are polluted with vulva, the pathogen is easily immersed in inflammation.

1. Childbirth.Vaginal surgery may cause pathogenic bacteria to enter the glands through the wound.

2. Do not pay attention to vulvar hygiene.If you often use unclean hands to contact the genitals, and do not pay attention to good hygiene habits, such as do not wash vulva every day and change underwear, it is possible to make the bacteria reproduce and increase in the vaginal opening.This is why many unmarried women are more common in vestibular adenitis.

3. Insplet sexual intercourse.When women have gonorrhea and do not completely cure the same room, they will cause the gonorrhea on the head of the penis to enter the glands through the vestibular gonad duct at the vaginal inlet, which causes the invasion of germs to cause vestibular adenitis.Or in the same room during menstruation, the pathogenic bacteria in the blood can also be pressed into the mouth opening of the custody and entered the deep part of the gland, which will cause the emergence of the disease.

When acute vestibular gland inflammation occurs, the most important thing is to pay attention to rest and prohibit sexual intercourse.Antibiotics can be used appropriately.When the abscess is formed, the drainage can be cut.However, if a chronic inflammation cyst is formed, different methods can be taken according to the actual situation.If the cyst is small and asymptomatic, it is not treated.However, when the cyst is large or recurrent, the vestibular gonad cyst should be performed to develop oral or cyst removal.

1. Overseas gonad tubeitis

The initial infection stage is mostly ductitis, local redness, pain, and reproductive pain. The examination can be seen that the affected vestibular gland’s opening is white dots, which has obvious tenderness.

2. Overseas gland abscesses

The catheter is closed at the opening of the catheter, and purulent secretions cannot be discharged. The bacteria reproduce in large quantities in the gland, accumulate in the duct and gland, and gradually expand the vestibular abscess to form a vestibular abscess.Patients complained that the side vulva was swollen, painful, and even dysuria and difficulty in walking.

1. Maintain personal hygiene, pay special attention to menstrual hygiene, change the menstrual pads diligently during menstruation, and clean them frequently.

2. Keep the vulva clean and dry without scalding with hot water, and scrub without soap.

3. Avoid random use, abuse of drugs, avoid scratching and local friction.

4. If there are vulva, avoid alcohol and spicy food, do not eat seafood, etc.

5. Do not wear tight crotch pants, panties need to be loose and breathable, and it is advisable to use cotton products.

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