Women’s vulvar itching?Beware of gynecological diseases to come to the door

For women, itching of the vulva can be said to be uncertain. In most cases, it will accompany many uncomfortable symptoms, which will cause sleeping and restlessness and restless sitting, which is very troublesome.

And some women believe that itching of vulva must be caused by gynecological diseases. Then, how to recognize vulvar itching causes possible gynecological diseases, let’s take a look below.

Vulvar itching is a typical symptom of many gynecological inflammation, but different gynecological inflammation accompanies different symptoms, as follows:

1. If itchy occurs in the vulva or vagina, the vulva is red, the leucorrhea is bean dregs, and there is a smell. After the scratching, there are scratches. Some patients are cracking at the scratch of the scratches, which may be mold vaginitis.

2. Itching appears in the vulva or vagina, but the leucorrhea is foaming, often odor appears, which may be trichomonas vaginitis.

3. Women’s vulvar itching and yellow water -like lack. If you are in a menopause period, it may be an elderly vaginitis.

4. Women’s vulvar itching, accompanied by purulent or slurry leucorrhea, if it is at the age of young girls, is a young female vaginitis.

5. Women’s vulvar itching accompanied by purulent leucorrhea may be a rare oxygen vaginitis.

1. Pacur

Plane bites can cause itching and dehydration in the genitals, and can be changed by eczema -like changes and folliculitis, which causes female vulvar itching symptoms.In addition to pubic lice disease, there are also tapeworm infection and tapeworm infection. These two infections can also cause vulvar itching.

2. Allergic factors

If women’s vulva skin is allergic, it can also cause itching of the vulva. After eliminating allergens, itching symptoms will gradually disappear.

3. The vulvar hygiene is not done well

The skin of the female vulva is bloody, vaginal discharge, and even the impregnation of urine, feces and sweat, which will cause chronic inflammation of local skin and cause itching vulva.

4. Virus infection

Virgin infections in the vulva, including condyloma acuminatum, infectious slot warts, and genital herpes. These three virus infectious diseases will cause itching symptoms of female vulva and need to be treated in time.

5. Vulvar skin disease

If women suffer from skin diseases in the vulva, such as vulvar and eczema, neurodermatitis, chronic vulvar malnutrition (leukoplakia), and stock moss.Essence

Vulvar itching is very common for women. In addition to gynecological inflammation and local causes of itching symptoms, systemic diseases can cause vulvar itching, such as diabetes, jaundice, lack of vitamin A and vitamin B, anemia, and leukemia.

If the vulvar itching caused by the above causes and the occurrence of symptoms, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible, treat it in time, and do not recommend taking the medicine by yourself to avoid the results of the examination and delay treatment.If it is detected to suffer from trichomonal vaginitis, sexual companionship is required at the same time, otherwise it will be infected again.

In addition, for gynecological inflammation such as fungal vaginitis and bacterial vaginal disease, if the patient has similar seizures recently and received treatment, the symptoms of this attack are more typical.If the treatment effect is not good, it is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible for examination and treatment.

In daily life, the vulvar itching caused by local factors caused by gynecological inflammation and vulva should usually pay attention to the cleansing of the vulva, clean the vulva correctly, avoid frequent washing the vagina, and wear loose and breathable full underwear.Avoid stimulation such as scratching during treatment or medication, so as not to aggravate itching symptoms.

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