Work pressure during pregnancy, expectant mothers learned these decompression methods, staying away from low emotions

Case number one:

Xiao Lan has been working hard to work, but she is pregnant at a time when her career rises.Under the persuasion of her husband, Xiao Lan was determined to leave the child, but she still suffered from losses. She was worried that she would not be reused after pregnancy. Not only did she get promoted, they would also be east.

Case 2:

The fiber’s pregnancy reaction is very severe. I can hardly eat any food every day.Because in the early pregnancy, many colleagues did not know the news of her pregnancy, and the task of work was not reduced.Xiao Lan felt that she had to bear the dual pressure of physical and work, and she was suffering every day.

Many expectant mothers who insist on work during pregnancy will have experiences like Xiaolan and Fiber.Most women in the workplace will feel anxious, happy, and stressful because of certain problems during pregnancy, but everyone has different severity.During the mother and child, the mood of expectant mothers was closely related to the healthy development of the fetus. How to relieve stress, expectant mothers should learn these methods.

01. The trouble of career planning

In the workplace, pregnancy and promotion seem to be a Taoist topic.After pregnancy, some expectant mothers’ career career will be pressed on the suspension key, some will lose the opportunity to promote within 1 to 2 years after pregnancy, and some will even be dismissed by unscrupulous enterprises.When hard work and rewards cannot be treated, expectant mothers are often prone to suffering.

02. Self -denial of work ability

Many expectant mothers have heavy tasks before pregnancy, and some are also responsible for the core work of the office.After pregnancy, expectant mothers have reduced their work efficiency due to various conditions during pregnancy. If they forcibly "enroll", they will also endanger the health of herself and fetuses.If you take the initiative to apply to reduce the workload, you will worry about losing the trust of leaders and colleagues, thereby judging your own value and starting to deny yourself.

03. Uncomfortable pregnancy reaction

Some expectant mothers do not want to notify the boss and colleagues to be pregnant prematurely, and tolerate the discomfort of the pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy, to bear the dual pressure of spirit and the body.

01. Have the right cognition and evaluation of yourself

After breeding a small life, women completed their identity conversion.Although high -salary Hou Lu is something that many people dream of, no woman will regret choosing to bred.Don’t blindly compare, expectant mothers may temporarily lose their career development opportunities, but breeding will bring you more growth and surprise.

02. Don’t set the goals that you can’t reach

To recognize your current situation, even if the pregnancy reaction of the first three months will end in the second trimester, it is difficult for expectant mothers to return to the previous state.Sexuality is anxious, your health is important than anything.Learn to say "no". If you feel tired, take the initiative to communicate with leaders to reduce work or change positions.

03. Learn to regulate your emotions

The expectant mothers have the ability to regulate emotions in order to minimize the threat of emotional lowness to fetal health.When emotions are low, you need to divert your attention.You can wear comfortable clothes, sit on the sofa to read your favorite books, and hum your favorite songs in the baby.Try to talk to your family’s troubles, sometimes you can’t let go of your own horns, but the family is transparent.

04, use exercise to soothe pressure

Move it!Exercise is very helpful for the health of pregnant women and fetuses. It can make people feel happy and is the best natural method for relieving stress.If you are a swimming expert, then swimming pools; if you are sports Xiaobai, go to the park to walk; even if you take out your clothes from the dirty basket and put it in the washing machine. As long as you can move, you can scattered low emotions.

05. Believe and use your own abilities

The road to breeding will allow women to sublimate themselves, harvesting the happiness and happiness that money and fame and fortune cannot be given.Perhaps expectant mothers will suspend care of career planning and even lose their jobs because of pregnancy, but they still believe that they have the ability to control and change life.Regardless of whether you return to work after production, you can achieve life value in your own way.

Conclusion: Despite the pressure of life, we have to do not have to go forward, and expectant mothers must always maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.Living with a smile, he continues to work hard for the health and happiness of yourself and your baby.

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