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No children.

There is a remedy for craniotomy in my hometown, piercing the girl’s head with a needle with wine.The more louder the girl is, the more scared the girl who comes to the birth, the greater the possibility of the next birth son.My mother was convinced of this and tied dozens of steel needles in my sister’s head.My sister kept shouting pain, and after three days of exhaustion.One month later, my mother had to pay her wish, and she touched her belly.

Three months later, my sister came back.When she learned that my sister died, my mother was eating, and her eyelids didn’t lift it. She filled a piece of fat into her mouth and bit her nourishment.In the evening, she remembered that the pig hadn’t fed it yet, and she went to the pigpen with a bundle of pig grass.Dead woman, no choice for a good place to die.An An came to clean up, and my mother roared me with her throat.I ran out quickly, and the smell in the air couldn’t help but nausea.My sister’s head was inserted into pig grass, and she was holding some pig food in her hand.It looks like it is about to send it into my mouth.Unfortunately, her mouth was sewn.

A few days ago, Aunt Li watched her pitiful and gave her a sweet potato.My mother hated Aunt Li. In front of Aunt Li, she stepped on her sweet potato.My mother scolded the pigpen and felt unpredictable. She kicked my sister a few feet, took a straw mat, rolled my sister, and told me to throw it on the mountain.I didn’t dare, I shrank my neck and whispered: My mother immediately raised her hand and wanted to hit me.After stopping a few seconds, let go again, and persuaded me softly.

Your sister is not in, you throw it on the mountain.After returning, Mom gives you sugar.I have seen that sugar, packed in a glass can, wrapped in colorful paper, which is very beautiful.My dad sometimes stays with my mother to my sister’s room at night.The next day, my sister would hold a few sugar in her hand.I don’t want that sugar, I pulled my head, didn’t speak, and didn’t move.My mother is angry and want to hit me again.

My dad came back from the outside and looked at the straw mats without saying anything.Gel me to throw my sister with him.I took advantage of my dad and didn’t pay attention to change my sister’s clothes for my sister.My sister has always liked to learn me, I am red, she also wants to wear and blue.She didn’t.So she walked dozens of miles mountain roads to pick blue grass.Dye the clothes blue and go home in exchange for a beating.

This dress, she wants a long time, counting her wish.About a month later, my mother was pregnant and touched her belly. My mother’s straight belly button was drumming out. The line on the belly was very dark.Every day, many people ask my mother to ask my mother’s secret recipe. My mother sells Guan Zi and refuses to say that she didn’t hold the seeds until she mentioned half a fan of pork.

Youyou starts: the needle is a former fetus, and the child must have a man.This is what the expert told me that this needle is also particular. It is best to soak it with male rice wine for three days and three nights. Don’t be soft -hearted when you tie it.EssenceThe next child is not a son, and my dad is also happy to move the New Year’s wine.

As soon as he drank too much, he began to talk nonsense, saying that his family used to be a nobleman. If the emperor was beheaded, he was now inaccessible.My mother was in a good mood to pull my hand and ask if her brother was in her belly.In this kind of thing, my mother value my opinion very much.

When I was born, Biyi said that my life was very good. People around Hui Wang wanted to pay for me. Of course, my mother did not agree to scold her away.But she still believed in Aunt Li in her heart, and she didn’t ask me as randomly as my sister.Later, my dad accidentally fell into the trap of the hunter. The pit was three meters. If I hadn’t happened by my dad accident, it would be dead.Later, when he encountered drought, there were no harvested by people in the village. It was best to harvest this kind of thing from our family. There were no surplus, and my dad and my milk was blessing.

I nodded, and my mother was satisfied with a sweet potato in my hand.When I looked at the sweet potatoes in my hand, I thought of my sister’s nose sour, and she was hungry before she died.My sister was bitter enough before her lifetime, and I didn’t want her to be suffering below.At night, I fell asleep when my parents fell asleep.

I ran to the village entrance to burn paper money for my sister, put the white rice hidden in the clothes on the side of the road, insert Sanyu incense and knocked on the bowl and told him to eat and get money.The next morning, my dad came back from the outside and held a few rabbits in his hand. He said that he had gone through the Universiade today.Several blind rabbits suddenly rushed to him in front of him. He killed all of them, and asked my mother to make up for him.My milk stopped, saying that pregnant women cannot eat rabbits.My mother stared at, those rabbits drooling, feeling that she would rush up the next second.Unfortunately, if she did not dare to disobey my milk, my dad gave me the rabbit to me, and let me wipe the salt and hung up.My mother didn’t know when to follow me and gave me one.My mother grabbed a rabbit from my hands and threatened fiercely.I don’t tell you that milk and your dad look a little strange, but I dare not ask.

Maybe it is the impact of pregnancy.As the month increases, my mother’s meal is getting bigger and bigger.For more than two months, the belly was like a mother who was about to be leaning. She lifted her clothes and asked me to touch her belly and asked me with expectations: Do you see his brother?Change the shape, abnormal.My hand touched it on it and felt a thin layer of leather with the fetus in his belly.My mother was still unknowingly, and touched her belly cheerfully.Sing him lullaby.The curse of my milk came outside the door.Which one killed thousands of knives, stealing the old mother’s chicken.I bowed my head to my mother’s sheets, dipped a few drops of blood, and there were some fluffy things under the bed.My mother had a look at me and hit me at me. I immediately retracted my eyes and did not dare to look at it again.An An, you go to find something to eat for mom.Mom is so hungry.My mother grabbed my hand and said to me. Her hand was thin like withered branches, and her curved blood vessels climbed her arms like earthworms, as if these days they ate were absorbed by the ground in her belly.

After my sister died, the work of washing clothes was handed over to me.I went to the river with my clothes.Aunt Li is also by the river, what do you say to the mothers in our village?This wife is not the same as the general matchmaker. It is specialized in the beauty of dead people.Aunt Li laughed hard, shook her head, and rejected the matchmaker that the matchmaker said to her son. She was also a bitter child.I come out.

Aunt Li found a few red tickets from his pocket and stuffed it into the hands of the matchmaker.As soon as I turned around, I saw me, showing a surprise expression on my face.She walked towards me, pinched my face intimately, and took out a few pieces of pastry for me.have not seen you in a long time.Aunt Li is the best person in the world.When I was a kid, I often ran to her house to play. She would teach me to recognize words, let me read books in her study, and give me all kinds of snacks.She is also very capable, a bowl of white rice can be measured.I heard that the family had a big business in the past, and the son did not do it anymore after his death.I often do good deeds for the village. It is for my son to Jide. What happened to your family?

Aunt Li suddenly asked me seriously, and I told her about my sister’s affairs and these days, and she sighed a few sighs!Do evil!It is a pity that a good girl is a pity that there will be a big disaster to stop the road!Your mother’s child is not easy. I guess that your sister has cast it in your mother’s belly.This is very shameless, and it will harm your family.

Aunt Li brought me back to her house and prepared a bowl of white rice and a bowl of clear water.She sat next to the bowl and inserted her hand into the rice.Then he grabbed a handful of raised water, and a part of the rice grains floated on the water surface, and the rest of the rice was scattered messy at the bottom of the bowl.The etiquette’s face was getting worse and worse, and I pulled my sleeves seriously and checked the jade card on my wrist. Your sister became fierce.Hide well in the evening, don’t tell anyone, no one can believe it, you can come out when you hear the chicken calling you.You must wear this row or not.

At the critical, she can save you.I heard my back cold, and the strange things these days finally explained.Looking at Aunt Li’s face, my nose is sour.It’s dark, and I came back from Aunt Li’s house.Before I approached, I saw a large group of people surrounding my family. The daughter -in -law of the Jiang family was born, and it was born in two months.What is two months?Looking at the belly, I thought I thought they had recruited unclean things for eight or nine months.

Everyone was curious to pull the mother -in -law and want to ask?The mother -in -law seemed to be frightened, her pants were wet, and the hand that shook her sleeve ran away.My dad dispersed the onlookers with a black face.Only one quit monk saw my family for a long time before leaving.He wore a weird. The yellow monk robe was covered with a blue robe, holding the golden bowl with his left hand, but not to put the dust around his waist.

I found that I was watching him, and he turned his head and made a cricket.An’an comes in.My dad shouted to me.As soon as I entered the door, I was frightened by the scene in front of me.My mother was born. In March, she gave birth to a motionless piece of meat. The piece of meat was creeping forward, leaving a pool of black and red liquid in the climbing place.

My mother was very weak after finishing her body. She struggled from the bed and fell heavily on the ground, her face was mad.My good son, my good son.Look at how cute our good son, I use it, don’t want me.My milk took a few steps and took a few steps. I patted my mother and scolded my mother to die. I gave birth to such a strange thing when I ate so many delicious foods. It is a pity that my sixteen pumpkins are too unfortunate.

My mother ate sixteen pumpkins for sixteen pumpkins in the two months of pregnancy. My dad held a stick to provoke the meat pieces, and fell hard to hit a few sticks on the ground until it never moved again.It’s not my illusion, faintly at noon, I seem to see my sister’s face in the piece of meat.After giving birth to that weird meat, my mother couldn’t work.

After lying on the bed for more than ten days, it was already out of breath, and she could only get a bowl of thin rice porridge occasionally. Her belly was like a loose balloon loose and loosely put on her waist.Her eyes opened big eyes, white cloth, and she held my hand and asked me: I want to die, I can’t die, I haven’t went home yet, you go to your dad and your milk.It is useful, I can also give their sons to their family.

I thought that I heard my milk at the dinner table this morning that my mother was useless, and everything was wasted.I want to find a son who can have a son, I am close to her ears, and gently say to him: You can’t go back. When he hear me, she cries like a child.Essence

That night, my sister also called the mother who had been for a long time. Tonight was my sister’s back.I had prepared things to go out for a night.As soon as I came out of my mother’s room, I saw my milk patting the door desperately, and shouted my son sadly. You can’t throw your mother off. Mom is the best person to you. How can you lock the door.Today is the return of the dead woman, and the mother will die.

The two of them knew that today was my sister’s back, I had no time to think about it.Looking at the darkened sky, the heart was horizontal, avoiding my milk, and hiding in the firewood house.The night came quickly, and the sky was completely dark. Like a group of ink, the cold wind habit came, my eyelids became heavier and my head was getting heavy.Until a weird laugh, I woke me up from this strong sleep.

Then there was the sound of heavy objects to land with my mother’s sharp shout. My mother seemed to roll on the ground, and I touched a lot of things.My milk seemed to be crying and begging for mercy. I don’t know how long the sounds have disappeared, leaving only my sister’s laughter.She smiled and asked: Do you know where my sister and my dad is?I recruited my brother and brought them to see his voice changed. It pulled a long and cold atmosphere. No one answered.

I held my breath and jumped up madly.After a while, there was no use of movement outside.Just as I was relaxing, the door suddenly rang.

Sister, are you there?Open the door.I brought my brother, come and see.His lovely wooden door was shot and rang, raising dust and shaking.My sister’s voice suddenly raised her gorgeous harsh.I sweat coldly, biting my lip without a sound.After he took a long time, I had to worry about how long the door could not support it, and everything outside disappeared.

I looked back on the door boldly, and the windows were bright through a ray of white light.I was relieved, and in order to make insurance, I was in the firewood pile. After hiding for a while, I came out. My hands and feet were soft, and I opened the door.

I knew that my sister had disappeared here.There was still a strong night outside the door, and there was a charming and ulcerated face. I was stunned.It may be that my sister still has some people’s senses and has not hurt me.

My dad came back at noon on the third day.My mother was dead, the body was strange, and my milk didn’t know why she survived.But his personality became weird. He knocked on my dad’s head and yelled at him.No conscience dog hybrids are harmful to your mother.In order to discuss the likes of the village widow, you do such an unconcerned thing. It depends on my old. I want to take the opportunity to throw away the brain.If you have a son in the future, he will also have the same learning, and you will be retributed.

The more my milk said, the more angry, and chasing my dad to fight.My dad was beaten to the head of a mouse, and he couldn’t help but grab the crutches of my milk and gave her a break.I said it was accidentally, I thought you left first.

My breasts strenuously rolled up the golden jump on my face, and I raised two knives in the kitchen in anger to cut my dad. Today, I will send you this turtle son to Xitian, and dare to tear up Lao Tzu.Seeing the knife in my milk, my dad took two steps subconsciously. After reacting, there was a trace of ruthlessness in his eyes. He took the knife in my milk and stab him.The master was slow, and a stick -like thing hit my dad’s wrist.My dad had a pain, and his hand fell to the ground.

That day we looked at my strange monk, and stepped towards us. He told my dad: I looked at the master of the master’s family three days ago, and it seemed to be entangled by evil spirits.But this is the reason for the owner’s family.Today, I was going to leave here, but I met a mountain stone.Amitabha, I also accidentally participated in the cause and effect of the owner’s family.Presumably, the Bodhisattva couldn’t bear to see the victim’s family, and made me meet my milk and shouted.Do you have a messy dress, can you be a serious monk?Come here to make money?My dad rubbed his hand hesitantly and asked the monk if he had to collect money.After getting a negative answer, he immediately hugged the monk’s legs and shouted to help his life.

My milk was still scolding, and the monk walked around my milk, putting the peach branches on my milk’s hand.The bracelet was loosely put on my milk, and it was not very strong to look at it. My milk turned his eyes and fainted straight.Lingtang is a evil spirit, so he is anxious and angry, and you can restore the original appearance after destroying the fierce Ling Ling.

The monk explained that as soon as my dad heard this, he felt that my milk was attached to it, and it was more secure to cut him.In the end he was educated by the monk, and I sent my milk to her room.When I came out, I saw the monk strolling around my backyard. The monk saw me watching him and walked directly to me.I will ask my girl a little bit, why do you wear a dead spirit card?This thing cannot be worn messy, you have to marry him when you wear enough days.He pointed at the jade brand hidden under the sleeve.Are you weird, hiding yesterday.You are obviously hidden, but you are found by your sister.Because your sister finds you along this brand.I was shocked by a monk’s words, and I still didn’t want to believe that Aunt Li was about to hurt me.

My dad was sent to the corpse of my sister by the monk.My sister was shaken by the wind, as if she was scattered in the next second.The monk asked me to go to the bazaar to buy a dried snail shell. I dare not delay the big cocks and snake shells. I ran for several places to buy these things early.

The monk asked us again for the birthday characters and the shoes wearing, and while my dad went to find the shoe gap.I asked the monk: Do you want to kill my sister?I was anxious to tell him all my sister’s encounters, and told his sister to suffer from a young age. Don’t let her soul away and let him be reassuring.The monk sighed and touched my head again.She didn’t think about letting you put you. If you don’t have more than earlier, you will die if you don’t have 30,000.

Once a man becomes fierce, his mind is very different from when he is alive.Seeing that my father took back his shoes, I had to close the monk who had closed his mouth and said that he wanted to use the three fires of our girl.I was really unwilling to hurt my sister. I hugged the eight characters I accidentally saw in the study and took the shoes worn by my mother.My father usually doesn’t care much about me. Where I know whether my eight characters are correct?The monk used the snake shell to walk around our shoes, crushed the dried threaded shell, and cut it with a chicken’s throat to cut it. Put the ground to let it take the chicken.It is always different from the direction of my family.

After a few chase, he finally succeeded when the fifth chicken fell to the ground.The monk wiped the sweat on his forehead with his sleeves, and seemed to be happier than us. He told us that I would remember three things later: First, the corpse must not be removed.Secondly, go home immediately after dark.Third, I can’t tell outsiders about my way of driving evil today.The monk left after speaking.My dad also returned to his own room. I returned to the bedroom uneasily and lay in bed.All kinds of messy things fluttered in my mind, and I fell asleep in confusion. I went to the kitchen.I gave myself a bowl of rice and added five eggs. I moved a small bench and sat in the yard to eat.My milk smelled the fragrance from the window and stared greedily at the bowl in my hand, and the grandson gave me a bite.I ignored her. The word good -grandson was the first time she heard that she had swallowed a few saliva from her mouth to lose money, and continued to ask me to give me a bite.I tell you a secret.

I was a little curious and walked from the window to the window to give him a bite. My milk jumped upright, and my eyes bite my chopsticks fiercely.I was frightened by her. He fell on the ground because of inertia and rolled a few laps, but he still got up and immediately got up. He was not fast in the window. I took a step back and took a step back.Lift the chin and show that secret.

She showed a uncomfortable smile on her face. Do you think that the girls who are surnamed Li are good people and pick up girls and give you and your sister.You guess what she used to do before, and your mother was sold to me. Her son was condemned because of her bad things.My milk said hateful and madly dancing.

Yesterday, the monk’s peach circle in her hand disappeared. I didn’t dare to approach her anymore. Throwing the rice in and walked away quickly.I did not fully believe in the monk and my milk, but had to admit that they still affected me.I don’t want to stay at home to go out and go out in the village. Before walking, I was caught as Aunt Li.

She checked me completely from top to bottom, and found that I was relieved that I was not injured. I heard that your mother was dead. I calculated that this fierce is going to kill your family.You can hide in my Buddhist temple for a few days, and Auntie Li grabbed my arm like an eagle claw and dragged it to her house.I did not have the strength to push her in her subconsciousness for a long time.Auntie Li stabilized his eyebrows and twisted into a ball, watching me as if I was waiting for my explanation.

I licked the skin of my skin and watched my nose, my nose, and my heart opened my mouth.No, I have been hiding, it should be fine.Don’t bother you anymore.

I continued to say that Aunt Li’s complexion became difficult to look, and the usual charity looked disappeared.

Who are you encounter?Auntie Li looks a little scared now.I wanted to pull her away with her but was grabbed her arm again.Nothing, I think of the words of the monk and my mother and my milk. I don’t want to tell the monk’s affairs.Aunt Li seemed to be afraid of fear and resistance, and put away the terrible face just now.

Do you encounter anyone? Is that person wearing six scars?Wearing a monk’s clothes inside and the clothes of Taoist priests outside, nice.The monk is not a Taoist priest, how could Aunt Li know the monk.Aunt Li looked at my puzzled eyes, and poked my head with a beautiful hand, wasn’t it called you, don’t you believe others casually?

That monk is my same master, but he is crooked and greedy for money.I heard that he went to study everywhere, and used the money he learned to harm people as the cost of studying the next teacher.Aunt Li naturally took my shoulder and pushed me on the tricycle that stopped.Genging the person in front of him drove to her house. Did he do a dojo for your house?Aunt Li asked me: How did you do him?Said to me.

For a while, I didn’t know who I should believe, but my heart still taught my aunt Li, who taught me to read and literate. I hesitated to tell her the monk’s practice. I didn’t say that I changed the characters and shoes.Aunt Li laughed. The corpse was indeed driven, but it was just a disorder.Later is his highlight.

The real harmful Founder, the throat of the living chicken, and then let it go.See if the direction of its falling ground is consistent with the direction of his important person?It is to judge whether this recipe is effective.I took a breath, and was shocked and scared.Aunt Li told this square art that there is no fixed effect time, but the longest will not exceed half a month.My dad and my milk became evil. This is their cause and effect. My hand is clean, so she will save me.Aunt Li let me stay in the Buddhist temple this half a month to escape this time.She also accompanied me in the Buddhist temple and hugged two beds to let me pave the ground.I lay side by side with him, and I was very close. I can still feel that the heat from her body has been resting earlier than usual.After a few minutes we lay down, she fell asleep.I closed my eyes to force myself to fall asleep.But because of the things these days, I couldn’t sleep with the bed and overwhelm it. I don’t know how long it has been.All the small sounds around became clear, the cicada sounded, the sound of the wind was so clear, but only the snoring and breathing sound of the people next to each other.

When the air was cold, I kept my eyes closed and breathed smoothly. I pretended that I didn’t find anything. The people next to me sat up and dangled my avatar to watch me scan my nose.If I open my eyes now, I will have a face with her face, and I smile very lightly.When you woke up, she lay in my ear, and asked me that the rough and unpleasant male voice was very close but I couldn’t feel her breath. My heart mentioned my throat.

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