Xiang Guo Bingting with a second child!The child was pregnant in less than a year, and the talked to the too prepared a heavy gift

On May 19, Xiang Tai Chen Lan revealed in an interview that her daughter -in -law Guo Biting had a second child, and she also prepared a heavy gift to give it to her daughter -in -law and grandson.

On the same day, Xiangtai appeared in a jewelry event and wore a long dress full of patterns, which looked very festive.

In an interview, Xiang Tai talked about a lot of things about his son and daughter -in -law. The most surprising thing was that Xiang Tai still stated that Guo Biting had been pregnant with two babies. The next month was the due date. After the news was exposedEssence

Subsequently, the reporter asked Xiang Tai to prepare what kind of gift this time, and Xiang Tai bluntly prepared a big diamond ring for his daughter -in -law, and prepared golden ornaments for the second grandson.

However, she also added these gifts to have nothing to do with the birth of a child. She sent it by herself. The speech was very domineering.

When talking about the grandson of the second child, Xiang Tai laughed and couldn’t hold his mouth, and the tone of his speech was very excited. Presumably, he had been looking forward to the second grandson for a long time.

Not only that, she also revealed that the second child was a male baby, and he praised Guo Biting to make a "good" word within 3 years of marriage.

Since the birth of a child, Guo Biting has received many gifts from her mother -in -law. In addition to jewelry, Xiang Tai has also bought a huge sum of money to buy a HK $ 165 million (approximately 140 million yuan) mansion for the couple last year.

It is reported that Xiang Zuo is currently working in Beijing, but when Guo Biting’s due date next year, Xiang Zuo would rush to Guo Biting. Due to the epidemic problem and physical problems Xiang Huaqiang, the couple could not accompany the maternity.View grandson.

After the incident was exposed, Xiang Zuo also announced on the social platform officer that his wife was pregnant with a second child, and the post was very sweet.

In fact, Guo Biting’s previous signs of pregnancy were already very obvious. On March 22, some media took pictures of the five family of five to eat. At that time, Guo Biting’s lower abdomen was bulging, and his pregnant belly was very obvious.

In addition, in the picture, she was taken care of at the whole process, and smoking Tai was far away from her.

Earlier, when Guo Biting was encountered, he was always pregnant, and his dress was very loose. However, in the face of external inquiries, the two never responded positively.

At the beginning, the news of Guo Biting’s pregnant daughter was also revealed to him. In the post, she directly ordered Guo Biting to produce a child in the year of the rat. At that time, many people were surprised.

In addition, after Guo Biting gave birth, Xiangtai’s response was also highly discussed.

Earlier, Guo Biting stated that she wanted to have three children. Now 38 years old, she is about to usher in the second child. In October 20th, Guo Biting gave birth to her daughter on the Mid -Autumn Festival.

According to Xiangtai, Guo Biting seems to quickly conceive a second child in less than a year after the birth of a child. The speed is very fast. Although this makes Guo Biting carry the controversy of the "baby baby machine", but in any case, it is still stillI wish Guo Biting a second child to have a smooth child.

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