Xiaokang’s medicine: Is the progesterone soft capsules help pregnancy?Do you have to eat low progesterone during pregnancy?

The luteum soft capsule is a commonly used luteum supplementary drug. I believe that many friends are no stranger to this medicine. Considering that some people may still have some doubts and misunderstandings during the medication.

Therefore, this issue will combine related information to help everyone better medication and treatment.

Universal name: luteum soft capsules

Commodity name: Angan Tan, Lai Ting, Qining, etc.


Used to treat functional obstacles caused by luteum lack:

Menstruation disorders caused by ovulation machine dysfunction

Dysmenorrhea and preliminary syndrome

Bleeding (caused by fibroma, etc.)

Menstrual disorder:

Menstructed (used to supplement estrogen therapy).

In addition, supplementation of progesterone also helps pregnancy.When all the indications for the treatment of progesterone, when the progesterone can cause adverse reactions such as drowsiness, dizziness, etc., vagina can be used to take oral administration.

Can progesterone (that is, progesterone) is a natural progesterone secreted by female luteal and placenta, which has a significant impact on the variation of endometrial morphological changes in women, and it is also a hormone necessary for women to maintain pregnancy.When a woman lacks progesterone, it will cause infertility or related problems.By adding additional tolanone, it plays a role in improving related symptoms.

1. Applicable crowd

Women who are diagnosed with progesterone deficiency

Note: The specific medication plan should be based on the doctor’s medication plan. It is not recommended to take medicine without authorization.

2. Taboo crowd

Those with severe liver disease are disabled;

3. Special crowd

Pregnant women and breastfeeding women need to solicit the opinions of doctors and pharmacists before taking any drugs.

1. Is the luteum soft capsule helping pregnancy?

Magne ketone is a natural progesterone, which has a significant impact on the variation of the endometrial morphology of women. It is also a hormone necessary for women to maintain pregnancy.So supplementing progesterone also helps pregnancy.

2. Do you have to replenish progesterone during pregnancy?

uncertain.It is meaningless for those pregnant women who have suffered from low progesterone due to poor development of embryo themselves.For low progesterone caused by the factors of pregnant women itself, supplementing progesterone may maintain pregnancy.

During taking lutein soft capsules, nausea, dizziness and headache, burnout, measles, breast swelling, long -term continuous application of menstruation or amenorrhea, abnormal liver function, edema, and weight gain.If there are related questions, please consult your doctor and deal with it appropriately.

I will introduce here this issue. If you want to know more about the content of more progesterone soft capsules, you can also consult the relevant pharmacists directly.I wish you all your early recovery!

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