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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 6th.

Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Yanxia and Wu Yu

Finance is the blood of economic development.Recently, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency has conducted in -depth investigations and effectively felt that the steady growth of financial support has continued to increase, providing strong support for the steady recovery of the real economy and moving towards high -quality development.

Real gold and silver adds motivation to the development of the enterprise

In Jiangsu, more than 30 acres of new industrial bases in Suzhou Jingli Energy Technology Co., Ltd. are stepping up construction."After the new production line is put into production next year, the company’s annual production capacity will be nearly doubled. Based on the domestic market, we will increase our efforts to open up overseas markets," said the company’s chairman.

Anji Jiu, who has been dominated by foreign trade business for many years, is ready to open the domestic market through live broadcasts and other methods.

The picture shows Suzhou Precision Control Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Electric CPPC.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Yanxia

During the investigation, the reporter felt that whether it was the essence of energy to go to the sea or the long -term furniture that embraced the domestic market, the vitality of the real economy and the motivation for corporate development were constantly saving.Behind this, it is inseparable from the power of finance: the precision control energy of the rapid growth of orders has obtained a comprehensive credit of 250 million yuan in the Agricultural Bank of China Jiangsu Branch.Loan funds …

With the introduction of a series of financial policies with stable growth and stabilizing market entities, corporate financing has continued to increase.Since the beginning of this year, the People’s Bank of China has given full play to the precise guidance of structural monetary policy and strengthened its support for key areas and weak links in the national economy.In the first five months of this year, my country’s RMB loan increased by about 12.7 trillion yuan.As of the end of March, the balance of 17 structural monetary policy tools was about 6.8 trillion yuan.

"Water engineering projects have a large investment, tight advancement time, and difficult to raise capital in a short time. With the support of policy development financial instrument funds, Agricultural Issuance Dongguan Branch provides 35.83 million yuan in funds to solve the problem of project capital.The construction of the third phase of the Ningzhou Sewage Treatment Plant was launched, pressing the "Acceleration key ‘." Said Cai Yongquan, deputy general manager of Dongguan Water Affairs Group Co., Ltd., said.

Financial innovation empower enterprise high -quality development

In May of this year, the Agricultural Bank of China Suzhou Branch joined the Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology Factor Exchange Center and Shanghai Technology Exchange to provide 10 million yuan of biomedical pipeline pledge financing for Litukang (Suzhou) Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

The reporter found in the investigation that aiming at the trend of economic transformation and high -quality development, technology finance and green finance are becoming the main point of supporting the real economy.

From ultra -precision film technology to vacuum film technology, to non -mask light -inspiring technology … Dongguan Siwo Smart Equipment Co., Ltd. is inseparable from financial support behind a technology breakthrough.In the first quarter of this year, with the help of the People’s Bank of China supporting small retraining policy tools, Dongguan Bank issued a loan of 5 million yuan for Siwo intelligent to meet the capital needs of enterprises in product investment and research and production."The cost of independent research and development is high and the cycle is long. Fortunately, there are bank support on the road to help us break through core technology." Said Wang Jianxun, chairman of the company.

"Promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is not to simply withdraw from low -end industries, but to help enterprises green development through financial resources." Chen Fu, president of the Agricultural Bank of China Shaoxing Keqiao Sub -branch, told reporters that the bank pledged through sewage rights to pledge to Zhejiang Yingfeng TechnologyThe company has invested a loan of 190 million yuan.

"Advanced Manufacturing Loan", "Industrial Park Loan", "Green High -quality Manufacturing Loan", "Specialized Special New Last Loan" … The continuous emerging innovative credit model helps the enterprise’s high -quality development.

Behind product innovation is mechanism innovation."The value judgment and risk recognition of science and technology innovation enterprises are different from ordinary enterprises. We have established a professional science and technology team to innovate and professional review mechanisms to allow professional people to do professional things and better understand science and technology enterprises."The person in charge of the Science and Technology Center of the Division of the Agricultural Bank of China Suzhou Branch said.

Optimize the financing environment to relieve corporate pain points

With the gradual recovery of the luggage industry this year, the export volume of Rookie Group in Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province has increased by more than 20%year -on -year.

"With the support of the government, we seize the opportunity to add orders and expand the market, and have harvested a number of real overseas orders." Relevant person in charge of Rookie Group said that improving the competitiveness and ability of anti -risk of enterprises not only rely on the enterprise itself, but alsoIt requires financial institutions to charge support.

The picture shows the staff of the rookie group is testing the luggage.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Yanxia

The relevant person in charge of the International Finance Department of the Zhejiang Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China said that the bank has increased credit investment to escort the "additional orders and the market" of foreign trade enterprises. In the first five months of this year, the export credit insurance financing increased by 40%year -on -year.

Both the icing on the cake, and the charcoal in the snow.The reporter found that under the pressure of economic downturn, many banks are providing more support for enterprises by relaxing loan conditions and reducing loan interest rates.

To create a good financing environment requires two -way efforts of enterprises and financial institutions.The reporter observed that the current financing demand of enterprises is more rational, and it is considered carefully and does not blindly increase the financial burden.

For financing support, companies have more expectations.The People’s Bank of China stated that it will build an institutional mechanism that effectively supports the real economy, implement the planning plan to support technology -based enterprises, guide financial institutions to increase the medium- and long -term loans of manufacturing, and support to accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system.

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