Xinhua News Agency in the middle of the year 丨 Interview Notes: Talk to the wholesaler Zhang about the things of vegetables

Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, July 14th. Question: Interview: Talk to the wholesaler Lao Zhang about vegetables

Xinhua News Agency reporters Yan Fujing, Wei Yukun, Ma Yirui

In the evening, the reporter saw Zhang Dahai, a 62 -year -old vegetable wholesaler at the International Logistics Park of Daxing Agricultural Products in Zhougudui, Hefei, Anhui.The hot summer heat during the day has not faded, and the old Zhang and the employees are still busy, soaked by sweat.

"I just sold some cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and lettuce. Now it is the season when these vegetables are selling hot. It is rough and sells about 500 kilograms." Lao Zhang, who has been wholesale business for 30 years, sorted the receipt and gave reporters to reporterssaid laughingly.

Right now, it is the busiest time for Lao Zhang.

"In the summer, there are many vegetable output and a large amount of wholesale. The average daily sales volume of the store is about 100 tons. It is mainly sold to major commercial supermarkets and Shanghai in Anhui Province." Lao Zhang said that the store has recently recruited two or three workers.The person is more sufficient.

The Zhougu Budi International Logistics Park where Lao Zhang is located is the largest agricultural wholesale market in Anhui Province.The reporter saw in the logistics park that from vegetables, fruits to aquatic products, livestock and poultry meat, to grain and oil non -staple food and frozen products, a variety of products are equipped with a truck, coming in and out of the north, entering and leaving, and a busy school is busy.scene.

The supply of important livelihood products such as "vegetable baskets" is related to the lives of the people.Lao Zhang’s supply mainly comes from Shandong Lunan Vegetable Wholesale Market and surrounding vegetable cooperatives. High -efficiency and smooth logistics is the key to stable supply.

"In the past few years, during the epidemic period, the transportation was not very smooth, the transportation costs increased, which had a certain impact on the wholesale of vegetables." Lao Zhang said that the transportation and logistics insurance is always strengthened."Filling along the way provides a strong guarantee for the supply of vegetables.

The cucumber wholesale price is about 1.3 yuan per catty, the tomato wholesale price is about 2.1 yuan per catty, and the wholesale price of peppers is about 1.8 yuan a pound … Each of the order is sold, and the old Zhang will carefully organize the documents to understand the recent changes in the price of vegetables.

"In June, Hefeng’s weather continued to be high temperature and rainwater. It was not conducive to vegetable storage. The loss of each link was greater. Most vegetable prices increased. However, after entering July, local vegetables were listed on the market.Set down. "Lao Zhang said that when the pepper is not connected recently, the first stubble is sold, and the output of the second stubble is not large, and the price has risen.

Recently, the wholesale price of the "vegetable basket" product has been declined in general, but it is still higher than the same period last year.From July 3rd to July 9th, the average price of 28 kinds of vegetables monitored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs was 4.95 yuan per kilogram, a decrease of 1.2%month -on -month, an increase of 13%year -on -year.

"This summer, the national vegetable area is higher than the same period last year, and the cold vegetables in the northern production areas are listed in large quantities. The overall vegetable price of vegetables in the country is mainly seasonal.Some varieties fluctuate up. "Zhang Jing, chief analyst of the agricultural product market analysis and early warning team of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry, said.

Ningbo Zhejiang Ningbo to ensure the normal supply of vegetables under high temperature weather through cross -provincial transportation, increased stocking frequency, and cold chain throughout the process; Zhujing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai organizes agricultural technicians to go deep into various vegetable production bases and places to provide technical guidance services to ensure vegetables to ensure vegetablesNormal production; Inner Mongolia Ulanchabu timely tracking the operation of the market operation of living necessities, urging commercial and trade -in enterprises to strengthen production and sales, expand external mining capabilities, increase the number of stock preparation in key seasons …

"In order to cope with the challenges such as high temperature weather and flood season, we will further guide the wholesale market, large -scale supermarkets to actively organize the supply of supply, open the channels of circulation, and ensure that the" vegetable basket "products are sufficient." Hefei City Commercial BureauThe person in charge said.

In the face of multiple pressures, local conditions should be adapted to local conditions, and stable measures are introduced in a timely manner to improve price control capabilities and levels, so that ordinary people’s "vegetable baskets" are more stable and more at ease.

"In the second half of the year, I have to work hard to do a good job in vegetable wholesale operations, increase the efforts of source organizations, further strengthen the docking with the supermarket, and let more people eat fresh vegetables they wholesale." Lao Zhang said.

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