Xu Ma doubles?Tian Jing’s small belly was bulging and bought a room in Jiujiang. This woman is not easy

There are children in the family, which mother does not expect family reunion.

Those who knew Xu’s experience couldn’t help sighing for her. Xu’s mother was too bitter, and she had been forbearing, and rarely complained about the injustice of fate.

Even some netizens tried to dismantle the relationship between mother and child, and publicly proposed that Yao Wei was not filial, and she laughed and never accepted.

After watching Tian Jing’s chat during the live broadcast, she understood why Xu’s mother was so calm. She had a good daughter -in -law who had been silently supporting her behind her.

Tian Jing is a nurse and has a child and a daughter.

Like many young mothers, she is busy working and taking care of her children. Her account is mostly the daily life of children.

Through the life she recorded, you can see that she cultivates her children very much. Her daughter has artistic cells, and she guides Yueyue to learn gesture dance. Her son is clever. She let Qiqi carry ancient poems and conform to the child’s preference development.

The clever and cuteness of the two children also let Xu mother look in her eyes and love in her heart. As long as she has time, she will go to Zhumadian to see the children.

Xu Ma is a very tolerant mother. She has always given Yao Ce’s best conditions to help him start a business and family. No one expected that the other party had no blood relationship with her.

When he was extremely sad in his heart, it was Tian Jing and the family healed her, so we would see that Yao Wei embraced his mother’s touching picture affectionately at the high -speed rail station, and there was a warm scene of a generation of family dinner.

In the storm of public opinion, Tian Jing could not be controversial without right and wrong. She never argued positively. At most, she let her daughter feel the heart of dance and let everyone see her voice.

A person who does not fight for right and wrong is determined in her heart. She knows that she has nothing wrong.The support of Xu’s family supports the difficult years.

Some people say, "The world is panicked, just for the shattered silver."

Some people also say, "A gentleman loves money, and it has a way."

These two sentences are exactly the portrayal of the two daughter -in -law of Xu’s mother. For the sake of the house, the bear turned his face with Xu Ma, and publicly named Xu Ma on the Internet. There was only one reason. Her family told her that as long as Xu Mom was not good, she was not good.There is a heat.

And Tian Jing never said that her mother -in -law is not good. Whether she is Du or Xu, she face it calmly. Before she did not recognize her relatives, I got along with Du’s mother -in -law, with Xu Ma, and did her best to be a daughter -in -law.In this score, I never forget to buy gifts for my father -in -law.

She did not fight for the house, and took the initiative to return the house to Du Ma, and did not mention any requirements. Children without an umbrella went to run hard. In order to earn more income, she went to work during the day, live broadcast at night, and did not say anymore.

During the live broadcast, she revealed a good news, saying that she had bought a house in Jiujiang, or she was bought in full.

This makes a lot of friends who care about Xu Ma happy. Who said that Tian Jing only knew to make money?She earns money to protect the family. After all, it is important to do a real thing.

She does not want other people’s house, but to obtain the happiness of the family together through her own efforts. This self -reliance is also appreciated by everyone.

I still remember that when Tian Jing went to Jiujiang for the first time, she said live broadcast: "In the future, I will go to Jiujiang to live in Jiujiang. I will open a pharmacy. The family lives in harmony. When Xu’s mother retires, she may have another child.","

Many people look forward to the arrival of this day. Seeing Tian Jing and Yao Wei still live in Zhumadian, especially when they see Yueyue as young pioneers, many people are anxious, thinking that Tian Jing has not changed her surname and does not want to be with Xu’s mother.live together.

She didn’t say anything, but she used a family to gather rumors. As long as Xu’s mother trusted her, she would disdain what others said.

No dispute, it does not mean that it does not realize the promise. In fact, Tian Jing never forgot what he said, she was close to the goal, and some careful netizens found that Tian Jing was bulging during the live broadcast.Live in the small belly.

Some netizens said that at least 4 months of pregnancy. If Tian Jing is pregnant, then Xu’s mother will be happy. After eating so much suffering in the first half of her life, she finally has good results.

Things in the world are full of bumps and hardships.

When we encounter problems, don’t rush to make the argument. Is it good to have a relationship? You can give time to give answers.

Just like Xu, she was good at Yao Ce’s small couple, but it became the story of the realistic version of "farmer and snake".

As the name of Tian Jingren, she has a quiet personality and is not fighting for things, but she has a flexibility on her body. When she encounters problems, she is slowly fulfilling her promise and supporting Yao Wei to live with her biological parents.

She is a wise woman, and Xu Ma is the one who understands her. We will see that the ups and downs of the road, Xu Ma completely trusted Tian Jing.That is to know that Tian Jing will help her to realize their wishes when the conditions are mature.

Such a family is destined to be happy, as a netizen said: Xu’s blessing is behind.

A good daughter -in -law, bringing Fuman House, women are emotionally stable, and this family will definitely become more and more prosperous.


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