Yin Xiangjie’s wife celebrates the first anniversary of marriage, publicly aesthetic wedding photos, and even change 4 packs of clothes.

On February 1, Yin Xiangjie’s wife Guo Yongmei took out the wedding photos of the two to celebrate the first anniversary of marriage, causing heated discussion among netizens.

In the photo, Guo Yongmei was wearing a white wedding dress and snuggled on Yin Xiangjie’s shoulder. The picture was very sweet.

In fact, Guo Yongmei had taken a video of taking wedding photos before. I did not expect that the finished picture would be so beautiful.A light in the darkness, Guo Yongmei held the flowers in his hands, wearing a gauze with a smile, Yin Xiangjie looked up and kissed his wife’s forehead. This scene was so beautiful like oil painting.

Guo Yongmei changed 4 packs of dresses, and each piece of clothes was a slim style, which is actually difficult to control for ordinary people.But these dresses seemed to be tailored for Guo Yongmei, showing her graceful posture.

Jujube’s red fishtail dress is full of atmosphere, perfectly modifying Guo Yongmei’s small waist and long legs, lining the whole person dignified and elegant.

The pink tulle dress has a touch of cuteness and coquettishness. The hollow petal pattern on the skirt is ingenious, which complements Yin Xiangjie’s gray suit.

The last dress is naturally Chinese traditional costumes. Yin Xiangjie was wearing a red gown coat. Guo Yongmei raised her hair and wore a red dress, solemn and festive.

Yin Xiangjie and Guo Yongmei also took a retro wedding photo. He held a fan and sat on the wooden chair side by side. It looked a little playful, and his wife was sitting in front of him with both hands. Behind them was an ancient ink landscape painting.One detail reflects the romance of the Chinese bones.

After the photos were exposed, netizens have sent blessings in the comment area, hoping that they can always be so happy, and netizens are curious whether they have children, and wish them to have noble children early.

On February 1 last year, Yin Xiangjie suddenly married on the social platform and was stunned by many netizens in the Chinese New Year.Later, Guo Yongmei’s identity was quickly picked up by netizens. She was a auctioneer, 16 years younger than her husband, and the two were matched by Wenhua.

In this year, Yin Xiangjie embarked on the road of showing affection. The two often filmed some videos of singing, or shared their daily life with netizens, and sometimes participated in business performances together.

Of course, the news of Guo Yongmei’s pregnancy was also reported on the Internet, but the couple had not responded positively.Compared to children, when will Yin Xiangjie and Guo Yongmei hold a wedding is the topic that everyone is most concerned about.

At the end of November last year, the host of CCTV Ma Zhiyu broke the news that Yin Xiangjie was about to do a happy event, but it was still determining the time and did not formally set.

Unexpectedly, dragging again, unknowingly that in 2022, the two still did not hold a wedding.Now Guo Yongmei took out the wedding photos of the two, and could not help but be curious whether the wedding period was settled.

Today, Yin Xiangjie is 52 years old, and Guo Yongmei is 36 years old. After so much experience, it is not easy to meet each other. I wish them always happy and happy to hear their good news as soon as possible.

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