Yixiuyuan: How many questions you want to ask in front of the eyebrow

What are the differences between the eyebrows and the traditional eyebrows?A professional eyebrow student [Yixiuyuan] personally answered and shared the eyebrows of the eyebrows to solve the doubts for you.

Q: What is the difference between eyebrows and traditional eyebrows and soft eyebrows?

Answer: The biggest of the traditional eyebrows and soft eyebrows is that the eyebrows are only half a long time, and the effect lasted for about two to three years."Eye Frame" or discoloration.In terms of effect, the "simulation eyebrows" eyebrows recommended by the most people in recent years can create the lines of simulation eyebrows on the surface of the skin and the bottom layer, making the original sparse position dense, and the effect is more natural than the previous two.

Question: Can everyone eyebrow?

Answer: Not everyone needs to be suitable for eyebrows. If you are born with lack of eyebrows (collapsed), or there is no eyebrow end, there is a need for eyebrows, but if you are pregnant, suffer from diabetic or platelet lesions, lesions of diabetes or platelet lesionsIf the skin suffers from eczema, is easily sensitive, and prone to scar hyperplasia, it is not suitable for eyebrows.

Question: Doesn’t the eyebrow hurt?

Answer: The pain relief cream is usually applied before the eyebrows, so the degree of pain in the process is not high, and it is not painful.

Q: Is the eyebrows permanent?

Answer: Generally, it can be maintained for one to three years. It depends on the absorption of the pigment in the skin’s skin. The eyebrow color will fade with time. Generally, the color of the brows and the location of the eyebrows will be dropped first.As far as me is concerned, when I make the first eyebrows, I will make a little shallower, look at the color of the skin, and after the scab is completed, the color is replenished (especially the eyebrows and eyebrows).

Q: How long does the eyebrow process take?

Answer: It ranges from about one to two hours. You can communicate with the guests before the eyebrows, and then design the appropriate and competent eyebrow shape according to the facial contour and its own eyebrow shape, and then apply the painkiller cream, and then perform the eyebrows.During the process, it must be portrayed according to the ideal length of each eyebrow, and continuously measures and compares. It is a service that emphasizes skills and patience.

Answer: Will the process bleeding?

Question: During the process, the surface of the surface of the surface will exudate the blood point, but it will not stop the blood, because when the skin continues to bleed, it will also affect the color.

Question: I heard that the eyebrows will be crushed after the eyebrows, and how long will it fall off?

Answer: Normally, it will fall off after 3 to 4 days, and some of the metabolism will be slower, and it may take longer.

Question: If the effect is not satisfactory after the eyebrows, can it be remedied?

Answer: If you think that the eyebrows fail, you can find a professional eyebrow person [makeup] or [eyebrow washing], but both can only be remedied as much as possible.Personally, I recommend that the eyebrows are paid or tilted before the eyebrows are tattooed again, because the eyebrow color of its own eyebrows will affect the result of the new fluttering, and there may be uneven colors.

Question: Why should I make up color after the eyebrows?

Answer: Because the eyebrows are not permanent, the eyebrow color is only between the leather and the epidermis, so it will gradually fade.People who have the first eyebrows, or those with dry skin and sensitive skin, will encounter difficulty coloring or easy color loss, but this is normal.After the cycle, it will be safer to make the old wounds completely cured.

Q: What should I pay attention to before and after the eyebrows?

Answer: Eyebrows are a kind of coloring technique that belongs to the shallow skin, so if you want to color the coloring effect evenly, one week before the eyebrows, try not to use fruit acid, frosted products, and all that will make the keratin thinner thinner.Treatment, and avoid doing anything allergic to the skin (including external coating or internal service).

Before the eyebrows (before completing the removing scabs), avoid swimming and steaming sauna. Pay special attention to the cleansing and bathing. Do not wet your eyebrows to avoid causing inflammation.

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