You can also get pregnant again after the on -board. These legendary very safe contraception methods are often the least reliable

The small screen caesarean section produced a boy. This time, the mother -in -law of the male and female was also very satisfied. The young couple thought about the bitterness of the birth of October in October. I decided to never give birth.When the baby was just 5 months old, Xiaoping found that he was pregnant again!She didn’t know what to do at all.

I believe that many treasure mothers have worked hard to give birth to their little babies, thinking about the history of blood and tears that can not sleep well in October, and the pain of heartbroken and lungs.It’s!Even if you want a child, you will not have a few months after delivery. So what are the reliable methods of postpartum contraception?

1. Dental ligation.Many Baoma knows that the eggs must be combined with the tubal and sperm to form fertilized eggs. If you want to make a date for their dating, the fallopian tube ligation can be said to be the most worried way. It is simply blocking the source.But there are disadvantages to perform this operation. If you want to have a child to play with a child, it is really no chance.

2. Safe and economy small set.The condom can be said to have head and face in the entire contraceptive community. The important thing is that it is convenient to use, so now there are Durex a smile on you in all corners and want to enter your arms.At the same time, its price is relatively low compared to contraceptives, and the impact on women’s bodies is smaller. At the same time, this method is more free. It is necessary to do not need to be a child.

3. Short and long -acting contraceptives.If your husband is unwilling to cooperate with something to do, and you don’t want children, then you must take contraceptive pills.The name is short -acting and long -term does not mean that it can not be eaten frequently. If you miss a small pills, you may make Baoma recruit.

4. Upper ring contraception.This method has a fatal disadvantage, that is, it makes people feel very safe but not so safe. Many circles may have rushed to the sewer when they go to the toilet, so the pregnancy pregnancy has no longer so trusted.

5. Safe contraception.This safety period is love and hate, and sometimes you have to dig a pit, especially when menstruation is irregular.After the babies have babies, breastfeeding may not have menstruation for a long time, but this does not mean that they can rest assured that the eggs will come out quietly, so there is no future for contraception in the safety period.

Moms, you can collect it first when you are not in contraception.

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